Country House wins at Kentucky Derby after Maximum Security's historic disqualification


Now to tell us give his opinion of what to place today and the dramatic finish of the Kentucky Derby with the first disqualification ever in a hundred and forty five runnings. We welcome Erin. Vera, Cousy to the show. Good morning. Erin. Hey, good morning. Sam thanks for having me on what we appreciate it. What your thoughts about what place yesterday? That was a dramatic finishing dramatic twenty five minutes afterwards. I can tell you that. And I'm like, you know, I I'm on here representing sporty kings of media returned mainly aurea former writer, and he has written five Kentucky Derby is one of my partners. He works for naira and FOX as well Jesse goal of very respected handicapper for the last I'll say forty years, and I'm probably doing him in Justice on that. 'cause he says he watched races up four he's a partner, and we were conversing after the race cross the wire and and the objection signed came on. And we couldn't have disagreed more. All three of us agreed on one thing. We never thought the winner would come down. I'm like, there's no way they take him down. But we did disagree on this and Richard Bailey or Jesse go very very adamantly said that he should not have come down. I said he should he should come down. But I didn't think the stores would disqualify maximum. Security because a lot of times, you know, in every sport the referees. Let you play a little a little more. Once you go into the playoffs and the NBA finals or the NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl the referees kinda keep their flagging their pocket a little more than they normally would. But it was a foul. And and you know, I think a lot of people when you look back at the actual drifting out of maximum security. It could have been a lot worse, and that everyone should agree on that were grateful for because we didn't want it safety. I and I think that decision to take maximum security down. It was the right? Call maximum security should have been disqualified because of that infraction on war of Lil. I've read this morning already Sam that a lot of people, and I'm getting the feeling just reading their messages social media's blowing up this. I'm getting the feeling that it's not so much. That it wasn't a foul that they don't people don't like the way it went about. And they don't like seeing country house back into a derby win. And I think that's unfortunate. A lot has been said about why didn't war wills jockey Tyler gaffe, Lille Clave, Sal. Well, maybe he did maybe he claimed maybe the Stewart why didn't the stewards put up an inquiry. Maybe they got an objection from jockey. And they were thinking putting up the inquiry sign, and they just decided look we'll put the claim a foul up and look at it. We don't need the inquiry could have been a number of things they took their time looking at over. If it if it truly is horse safety first that wasn't infraction. And and I thought war of will was cost of placing. I'm not so sure about the disqualification behind that the AT. I'm not sure you go all the way back to long range toddy, and then Seattle oughta horse, and I think if that inquiry are that. That infraction would've just been long range toddy. I'm not sure maximum security comes down. But I think he can argue war of will at still have a horse. So looking at that in full having time to digest it. But I'm gonna tell you there's a lot of people on the other side of the fence on that maximum security was the best horse absolutely in that race. He was the best horse. And and I don't disagree with anyone that says that but that wasn't infraction. And I think the stewards got it. Right. Even though there was no right decision. They had a very difficult decision. There was no, right. Call on that. Because I think a lot of, you know, look a lot of new fans watch the Kentucky Derby, and they don't understand that he didn't cause the twelve countries the twenty country house any in Peterman whatsoever. But country has got to be put up in front of him. I think that's a lot of the misconceptions from a lot of new rates fans. But at the end of the day Sam, I think. They got it. Right. And I'm probably in order to that. I do believe though, it shouldn't have taken twenty two minutes. And I do believe their explanation should've been should've been on the air to the viewers around the country, and they should have put up the inquiry themselves. If I agree looks like. Looks like they didn't see it. Yeah. Well, and you know, what the stewards actually in in the steward's room, the stewarts have three people that are watching three different angles. And I I'm not gonna try determine what was talked about after they crossed the wire if they were either looking back at the top of the stretch before they said anything or before they get anything. I'm not I agree. The inquiry science should have been up the way this was handled with the jockey claim afoul. Not the inquiry. What the twenty five minutes away with the non explanation, by the way, even after the races in a press conference. It was just a statement rather than an explanation the betting public didn't get to see what they saw. And why they did it the betting public didn't get to hear what they saw. And why they did it afterwards. I thought they handled it very poorly the actual call it self. However, I think they got right. Well, yeah. We had Jay Primin on prior to you. And he said I said, well, this is very disappointing because we would have had undefeated horse going to the break nece. And he said, well, we still if they both go we still have a little drama there in the sense that, but you really can't envision the sixty five to one shot went in weakness. And you know, I think that some of that look I think some of the frustration with the betting public is that country house wasn't the best horse in the Kentucky Derby and gonna win country house ran great. I don't care. What is where he ran great. He put himself in a good spot early on from afar. Outside post. I'm not gonna take anything away from country house is he's the derby winner deservedly. I could argue that either way. But when I look at you know, I think some of the frustration. If that was improbable or game winner or roads or somebody that was second and they got put up. I'm not sure there'd be as much as much frustration today as as

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