Vegas bullish on Knicks' summer, '20 title odds


You go to ask because the NBA playoffs are going on. And of course, always so much interest. Not only in the actual games. But what goes on off the floor in the off season, which is coming up. This summer Vegas seems pretty high on the Knicks chances of landings from free agents. Because is this. The Knicks have opened at sixteen to one to win the twenty twenty championship. Well, it's a classic case of Fulbe wants save on the. Twice on me. You know, it's it goes back to two thousand eleven when we hadn't seen this kind of free agent movement. Like, we do now LeBron summer two thousand ten Chris Bosh and Wade in Miami. And the books were hung out the dry ridiculous. So now that we've seen it. And we saw to rank goes boyer's oddsmakers are not going to be caught off guard again, they know better, and it's important to realize the futures market or the long shot odds they are one way betting, which means you can just bet twelve to one sixteen to one whatever it is. It's not like a point spread we can both sides minus three plus three now. So if you're only putting up a one way bet, but you can't bet Knicks not win the title, you're gonna air on the side of caution. Now, these sports do to make it fair to give some decent value. But with all that being said there in the business of making money so knowing that it's not too bad. They're gonna put up lower odds in Durant doesn't sign or they don't get to stars then they'll adjust accordingly, but it's fun for tea or betters players take a shot and make some wagers create interest. But they're not going to be held liable. They're reading the same. You know, wards Twitter that we are and everyone they're not dumb. I don't know. Doug. I mean, you get kyri you get Kevin Durant and Zion. Williamson. We know he's going to be a Nick. I think those odds are actually not I think they're good. I think it's actually a good bet to take at this point because they're so going to be shoe

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