US technology sector hit by trade dispute


Home. Stocks have outpour performed tech stocks so far this year. But that the home builder's section is giving the text sector a run for its money. Yahu finance reporter, Scott GAM. Here he is. Yeah. Isn't that incredible homebuilder stocks up about twenty one? Twenty two percent so far this year. The technology sector is up about nineteen percent so far this year and over the past month, given the latest escalation of trade tensions tech stocks are down over five percent homebuilder stocks are down about three percent. So clearly the trade tensions are affecting the tech sector more than the home builder's sector. It's always good to hear the homebuilding sector, doing well, because that means plumbers electricians, roofers framers. You know, everybody that builds home as probably doing good to Home Depot. Dayglo could go on and on and on all your favorite home out there. All you roofing contractors Plum. That's this is all good

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