How Much Coffee Is Too Much?


Investigators found that carriers of a gene variation were able to metabolize caffeine four times faster than others. That doesn't necessarily mean they can safely, drink more coffee. Believe it or not. Yes, coffee is the most popular beverage worldwide. How much hoffy do you think is consumed on a daily basis? Well, the estimate is three billion cups every day. Three billion cups of coffee every single day. It's around the world. But a Cup of coffee at may mean a different thing to different people. If we assume one Cup is a standard measure of Cup. It would approximately contained seventy five milligrams of caffeine. If we look at caffeine content only a double Espresso is roughly equivalent to a normal coffee, a grand ice Lante at Starbucks. Meanwhile, contains up to one hundred fifty milligrams of caffeine. So if you're looking to lower your heart disease risk. You would do well to take those numbers into account. Just base it on seventy five milligrams for an eight ounce Cup of regular coffee. All right. The effects of caffeine on the heart tend to be short duration and mild, a less. Very high levels are consumed. Coffee also contains a very variety of compound that have antioxidant and anti inflammatory effects, some of the plus side when it comes to coffee Cup or two may have its perks they found that study, participants who drank decaffeinated coffee or not at all had higher rates of heart disease than those that drank just one or two cups of coffee per day. So I guess a little bit is a good thing. It like so many of the things you live too much

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