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Stupid. Raven movie. Yeah. The day after. That's what it was the film depicts catastrophic climatic isn't the day after the day after day after tomorrow. Okay. Yeah. Okay. So that was going to happen. That didn't happen. That happened. Remember, we could do everything. Exactly, right. And still get hit by an asteroid. We can do everything. Exactly. Right. And Kamala Harris could still become the president and destroy our country is the day after tomorrow. Stories the day. The day after tomorrow. Threat coming right now. So it's Friday and then on Friday, it'll be it'll be Sunday Sunday be Tuesday days ahead. So we're basically we are basically Pavlov's dog chasing cars down the street. And we're never catching wanted to say that. Sure. Holy cow. Who knows maybe one day humanity ravaged with new diseases due to a rise in temperature right now, though, we're on the cusp of a radical diseases like polio Guinea, worm yaws carryings disease. Quorum lymphatic filariasis measles. Ovine Reiner past pork tapeworm, riverblindness rubella and syphilis see that one of those first ones again settling oatmeal polio, Guinea, worm yaws. What are those? You said settling oatmeal yaws. I don't know. There's new hope that all mosquito borne diseases might one day be eradicated in a cure from aids might be in reach perhaps the vaccine might cut Alzheimer's disease cases, have cancer survival rates have soared. Perhaps in some far flung era, humans will be toiling in a distorting world of widespread failure as alarmists have been warning for many decades. But trends, don't look promising for the chicken Littles since two thousand five humans have seen a spike in the use of genetically modified crops, John as well as advanced in heat resistant crops, which led to the booming yields of agriculture whose fault is that there are actually two hundred million fewer hungry people in two thousand fifteen than there were one thousand nine hundred man kind is not the enemy the enemy. Amen. Mickey D's serving two hundred and fifty billion people or whatever it was since nineteen seventy John John in San Diego. Welcome to the program. What's on your mind, sir? Hey, I don't get it. I have a quick question. The same people that says there's just too many people on the planet are the same people that tell me I gotta change my way of living, you know, stop climate change. You know, it's gonna wipe us out. It's kind of a win win situation. As far as I'm concerned. But is it is. Yes. Thanks, man. I appreciate you. These are the same people that have advocated like there's these organizations on the left called. What used to be called zero population growth? I don't remember. They changed their name. These people are freaky. They have an office in Washington. I've been to their office like twice. Back a long time ago. They used to be called zero population growth ambulation advocacy, now they used to be called GP, and you go to CPG, and they were people who were like, hey, just aboard ourselves into a smaller number of people on the planet. There's too many people on the planet. Yeah. That's what he tried to tell you, do you know that all the people on the planet could fit I think could fit on Maui. If you could take every human being on the planet and basically fit them in Maui. Have you ever flown across the country? Together. Yeah. Ever like looked down. Of course, vast swaths of the west there's tons of space and tons of room. Yeah. There's a lot of room. There's a lot of rumor here in California. There's a lot of room in California. I went out, you know, I've bought my plot. It's just the cities that are crowded cities are crowded in filled with homeless people with disease and crazy people. And that's the problem. Yes. What are they gonna tell us homelessness has spiked because of climate change? Remember, ISIS was to blame climate change was to blame for ISIS. Remember when Marie Harf famously said clubs global warming and lack of jobs created ISIS. Yeah. Well, yes. But here's the thing if they don't do global warming anymore once upon a time data global warming all the time it's climate change because they can't decide it's gonna get hot. It's gonna get cold. Personally. I'm way more afraid of it getting cold, right way. More frayed of getting cold. Me too. Who is going to live in California. If it's too cold to go to the ocean. I mean, come on priorities. People priority. Seven sixty KF NBA, eight hundred seven sixty three sixty. I mean, do you do you lay in bed like worrying about climate change? Do you honestly, do you? I don't. If it's too hot. Take off a layer of blankets. Yeah. If it's if it's really too hot, I sleep in a fish net half shirt with no sleeves. I just want a nice and cool. I just feel bad for the people that are going to have to leave in the year like twenty five hundred because they're going to have to live is not going to be a year twenty five hundred John because we're going to get wiped out because of the corporation. Well, by that time, it will be like by that time two hundred forty degrees time, we're all going to be enslaved by the in the robot. Honest about this. We're going to be having. No, we're going to be having gladiator fights to make the robots happy. How do you know your show hasn't been adopted by a robot already red pill blue pill? I'm sitting right here. Buddy, Brentwood, herbal show AM seven sixty talking. Breaking news, Jim Sharpe. Got actual news on actual stuff. That's actually important, Jim. What's happening? A crowd of about three hundred invited. Guests have greeted the arrival of a plane carrying former president, George H W Bush is remains to Texas the military aircraft nicknamed special air mission forty one in honor of the Ferdie forty first president landed in Houston this evening after a flight from Washington President Emmanuel Macron's government is dropping further fuel tax hikes in the face of protests across France over living costs in Asmat comes one day after the government suspended the tax for six months and a powerful seven point five earthquake struck in the southern Pacific Ocean near New Caledonia today, prompting authorities to warn of a Sudani. Threat to nearby islands. The warning centre said there was no threat to Hawaii. You're never more than fifteen minutes away from the top stories of the day on the bread winner bowl show, AM seven sixty talk and breaking news. We.

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