Special Counsel, Rod Rosenstein, FBI discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


Don defendant intel committee wants to look at these but the question of the bartrum just as they don't need a special council in order to do an investigation of these matters and who who come up with a conclusion whether to the foundation whether uranium one i'm back on email scandal whatever it might be that is something that could be handled within the framework of the department of joseph additives are nominee for special counsel no one would be recused from handling those matters okay so do you think that the wiz no way will ever know of these investigations are going on there is no way will ever know of course injuries are in panelled you don't want to like i i mean showing we don't like way so i mean an inappropriate no i agree i don't want lake walk i mean here there is a unit we now know according to the uh on a rod rosenstein in also equip according to an attorney general sessions that they've got a unit instead which is what we were calling for an unit inside a doj dad is and i guess fbi as well as part of that task forces to skopje leaked and to handle these leaks aggressively in a third of way who that existing and again i i don't likely so i don't wanna hear about it going on uh when they have something to announce regarding a leak for instance a indictment on a person that with has been accused of leaking or an arrest or whatever it might be that wpro pre it but the investigation itself should be going under i'll quietly and not with a lot of fanfare hopefully that's the case on these i think that the there's no question the attorney general said that they are making this a top priority clearly the president want to the top bernie look even you mentioned this earlier segment of and you had the conversations with the president in conversations he had with a leader of mexico and australia both were leak forbade them now you've got the situation going on right now with north korean a nuclear threat that poses a test for everybody in the region and around the globe and you you hear don't wanna see those league uh so i think the leak have to be clamped down i think this is a.

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