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From the keyboard to the boardroom. This is the business of eSports. As the prophet of eSports, I rely on trustworthy and meaningful data every day. Data from a research partner YouGov offers the most complete view of eSports fans and gamers in the world, providing context to who they are, what they think the brands they buy and things they do. YouGov's connected insights and research services inform strategy at every level. If you're a team, a brand, agency, or rights holder, you should be talking with you, gov. Their partners measure and maximize ROI and are telling compelling stories with data. Visit you have dot com slash gaming eSports to learn more. From the keyboard to the boardroom, this is the business of E sports weekly news show slash post podcast live stream. I am Paul Daley. I'm joined today by my Friends and co hosts. Lindsey, the boss boss Jeff, the juice Cohen, and Jimmy burrata for those of you who are new here, welcome. What we do here is we cover the most pressing gaming in eSports topics and news of the week. But usually it's all the stuff that just didn't make it into the podcast, which these days is all the news. And the best part is we get to do it live with you guys and you get to challenge us, ask questions, get in our faces, we welcome you to do that. We know so many of you lurk and watch or maybe watch this in rerun or as a vod I should say. But if you're here live, welcome and encourage you guys to participate. If you haven't yet, tell your Friends about the live stream, bring.

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