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This is the second straight show where we've wrapped up with just way too much optimism. About teams relative to where we're ranking them. We were all about the Texans at 29 last week. And now we're turning into turning into good morning football circa 2018, where they're just like, who had the number one pick in the 2000 19 draft. In October about the winless cardinals and Josh Rosen and they just be like, you know what I'm starting to like here I see Josh Rosen Steve Wilkes. They got something going on. You know, I think we do sound a little bit like that. So yeah, we do have to be careful. We have to pump the brakes. Can I throw out the guy who moves me emotionally in a positive way? And as long as we have these vibes going, I might as well keep it going. And you can add one shoe, or you can just say it was bigger Mayfield. And Ben mcadoo at this point, but Tommy tremble, I really want to use Tommy tremble. I believe I said Tommy tremble was shades of George kittle coming out of Notre-Dame. I don't know. I just really want to see him in a lot of catch and run situations. Obviously, bigger Mayfield utilize his tight ends well in Cleveland. I hope I like Ian Thomas fine. I think he and Thomas is a capable sort of, I don't know, replacement level starter in the NFL. I think Tommy tremble is ready for a breakout, I think Tom tremble is just wonderful. It's a cat's pajamas. Yeah, Tommy tremble sounds like Tommy tremble sounds like the name of one of the Pokémon trainers you face like right before you get to the elite four. It's just like, oh no. Not Tommy tremble. As for the player who moves me on this roster, if we want to talk about, if we want to talk about Baker Mayfield in the offensive line, I don't think you can have that conversation without Taylor moton, who's actually a really just a really good right tackle. I think he's just really good at his job. Yeah. So I think that's something to call out. And then for player who moves me additionally, that the B, the subset to that would be JC horn, right? Let's see, let's see this guy with an extended body of work. And then I think that we can start to make some definitive judgments about this coaching staff personnel department. We can start to have some big picture thoughts. I like it. I like it. All right, I think we sort of declared them dark horse wild card contender in a very bad NSC, which. Yeah, baby. There we go. All right, Connor, we're back next Monday with four more of these. We will be counting down teams 25 through 21. As we unveil the big 32, the 32 ish 32, 31 plus one. 31 times one plus one. Yeah, I mean, well, we got to figure out a name for this. Or it's just the Gary and Connor off season preview. I feel like we lean more towards that sort of meta underwhelming generic thing is a bit. But maybe we should get explosive with it, you know? Maybe the time

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