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Ten AM until two PM I'm John baby W. J. R. traffic and weather first on the five is on the move of the tropical connection front to the north west of us in tropical moisture from what's left of Barry remnants of Barry down or southwest the rate increasing as we go through this morning and this afternoon eighty degrees could be some pockets of heavy rain tonight with scattered thunderstorms seventy two Wednesday morning some scattered storms left over getting a chance to dry out in the afternoon eighty seven from the weather channel I mean your just restating understood seven sixty W. J. all the world market updates sponsored by mother Waddell's donate your car to mother wattles and help the poorest of the poor call three one three Waddell's China's down the Nikkei is up put see is up Dow futures indicating up twenty seven S. and P. is flat or news talk seven sixty W. J. R. chemical ski for about twenty nineteen tall ship celebration in Bay City this is Paul W. Smith on newstalk seven sixty W. J. on today's broadcast is brought to you by gold Great Lakes bay for more information visit go great dot com here's Paul a very a pleasant good morning to you this Tuesday July sixteenth the one hundred ninety seventh day of twenty nineteen with one hundred sixty eight days left in the year making each and every day count each day is again and we are live from the twenty nineteen told ship celebration in Bay City presented by.