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This's one, eh? I'm Jen White in Washington. Armed men at polling places post election violence. These air, not scenes we typically associate with American democracy. But that's exactly what security officials and election monitors are warning could happen on or after November, 3rd. And with President Trump continuing to cast doubt on the integrity of the election process, armed far right groups are paying attention. We know you've been paying attention to What will law enforcement due to prevent voter intimidation? What can they do? That's what we're talking about today, and we haven't reporting to share from Heath. True. Isn't Heath is reporting fellow for the guns in America Project at Boise State Public Radio Heath. It's great to have you back on one a Great to be here. So you're based in Boise. Tell us more about your reporting and who you've been talking to. Yeah, based on Boise and Idaho is kind of Ah, kind of the the center of this this anti government universe. So I talked to a lot of these groups in general. And recently I was talking to some members of the three percenters. And that's Ah, It's kind of a loosely loose association of national groups, some identify as militias. Some don't experts certainly say that they are on DH there, probably the most prominent national group of militias out there. So you had this conversation with them, And I know you have some tape for us. Talk us into it. Yeah, That's right. So a couple weeks ago, I went to a gathering organized by the Washington 3%. It's a very prominent militia in the country. I was under a white tent to grassy, empty lot on Washington's would be island about an hour north of Seattle. Are you guys gonna kneel to a tyrant? You stand for God. The clouds were low on a typically gray fall day in the Pacific Northwest about 150 people,.

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