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Ryan Collins was here with where to go. If you wanna do tonight that couple of sobriety checkpoints going up one in Hamilton, the other will be in Marymount, police typically choose locations based on areas where they've had problems in the past, and the Hamilton county went tonight is nicknamed the Bob Huggins memorial DUI checkpoint, the same it is just maybe a half mile from where Huggins got busted fifteen years ago this month for DUI and Fairfax. He was weaving on Wooster pike got arrested, tried to talk the officers into giving him a break, because of who he was in a video that now is quite famous, but couldn't get out of it. Ultimately that ended his career at UC Nancy's Infor being the new president and sending a tone that was June of two thousand four tonight, they'll be on Wooster pike just up the road in Mary month from eight to ten. And then there's a another one MLK boulevard of walnut street in the city of Hamilton tonight from ten to midnight should be a good time. Tell the police Hello. If you're sober coming up in our news at eight o'clock, we will have more on the questions about how the US should respond in the Persian Gulf to two more attacks on oil tankers president's going to meet with the secretary of state day. See what they can do about making sure that oil continues to flow out of the Gulf. We'll have the details and fifteen minutes on radio seven of wwl w never been through a sobriety checkpoint. I have not either. I mean, I, I assume they, you know, only stop every like tenth or twelfth car or something, and then it's a quick conversation. And most people give waved on their way. I thought they talked to everybody just to say, have you had anything to drink and get your how you doing? Well, let's go out tonight. We go for bagman you betcha. About the seven forty seven now and mercy health, medical minute, brought to you by mercy health and was speaking this week with Dr Robert road who's the orthopedic surgeon, specializing in conditions of your hand, wrist and elbow. And specifically carpal tunnel that's been the topic of the week and what you can do. Well, that's the question for the for the most part is what can you do to prevent it? That's the tough part. I'm not sure that we do have easy ways to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, other than avoidance of severe repeated exposure to things like heavy impact vibration, but also taking.

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