President Trump, Muller, Mitch Mcconnell discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe


To go then donald trump's tweet make sure everybody watches hannity he's clearly if not feeding that narrative at least support and jonathan this what he does all the time it's trial balloons he sees what sticks he's what doesn't stick this is not sticking because again talk about the reaction from the republicans on the hill especially senators when when people started talking about this this would be the moment where you think that some republicans who've been refusing to stand up to this president no matter what he has done this would be the line that would be too far and people have said to him when the rosenstein muller talk a few days ago popped up suddenly there was an effort to have a bay partisan support for legislation on the hill that would protect muller something to this point has not gone forward mitch mcconnell has not said he'd bring it to the floor just yet but there seems to be more of an effort to keep protect this sanctify this investigation and i think they're apps no one around the president thinks that firing him is a good idea except for maybe steve bannon sort of advice via the washington by the way i'd people saying that that was that was a one source story with steve bannon steve bannon says talking to white house of former white house insider who'd be steve bannon i that plot of getting that war room back together also has the way of putting not just defending the president but like steve bannon betty back they're doing something again that would destroy his presidency cording to the head of the judiciary committee republican meek and but donald trump i was obsessed on something right now.

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