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To speak their minds about proposed fare hikes. Governor Cuomo is heading the DC today to push the president in putting up federal money for a new rail tunnel under the Hudson and eight New Jersey and New York City children are among national cases of polio. Like, you'll notice sports Knicks loss to the pistons won fifteen one hundred thirty eight degrees now in central park on this Wednesday, November twenty eighth morning more than just the headlines. This is w CBS News Radio. Eight eighty four. CBS news on the hour sponsored by theraworx relief. I'll match piper history was made in Mississippi in a runoff appointed. Senator Cindy, Hyde Smith's win means she's the first woman from the state to ever be elected to congress. I'm Jim Krasula Republican Cindy, Hyde Smith, one Mississippi's divisive Senate runoff and so grateful. I'm so humbled for the honor that you had given me to elect me as your United States. Senator democrat Mike Espy was hoping to become Mississippi's first African American US Senator since reconstruction shares my prayers that she goes to Washington to to unite a very divided Mississippi Mississippi last elected, a democrat to the US Senate in one thousand nine hundred eighty two Jim Chris cillizza Bs new this weekend. President Trump is set to meet Russia's Vladimir Putin during the g twenty summit in what else RA's, but correspondent Alison keys says he may scrap it because of a clash at sea. President Trump tells the Washington Post he may. Cancel a scheduled meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin over Moscow's capture of three Ukrainian ships and their crews on Sunday telling the newspaper, I don't like that aggression. I don't want that aggression at all the president also lashed out at length about Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell saying he's not even a little bit happy with my selection of Jay black box data from last month's Indonesian lion. Aircrash highlights computer issues as one reason why it went down killing all one hundred eighty nine on board. CBS news aviation safety. Analyst Mark Rosen. Curse says the data shows the pilots struggled to maintain control of the Boeing seven thirty-seven automated system was actually overriding everything that the pilots were attempting to do. Did they understand that they could turn it off or were they just not trained if that was an option still stinging from the tear gas that beat back their attempt to breach the US Mexican border some from that Central American migrant caravan of thousands are starting. To lose hope and in some cases are turning back. Our Adrienne Bard has the latest small group of Central American migrants held a makeshift press conference in Tijuana thing they're asking President Trump, not demanding to give more people a chance at asylum. Some told stories of persecution one woman who called herself a farm worker said there is repression in Honduras, and people cannot work under those circumstances. If we get sent back. She said we will be dead later today. House Democrats will meet to nominate a speaker and choose members of its leadership team Nancy Pelosi is hoping to become speaker of the house again and has no challenger plus the backing of dozens of Democrats from two thousand seven to two thousand eleven the now seventy eight year old was the first woman speaker,.

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