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And right now in the center ring of the conservative circus. We have the new chair of the Arizona Republican party. Dr Kelli ward, Dr Kelli ward, welcome and congratulations. Thank you so much James. Oh my gosh. It was a wonderful weekend. My birthday was Friday. I turned fifty. That's not always the woman favorite birthday. I can tell you but Saturday more than made up breath. I. Resounding win. Whether it was fantastic and upon winning Dr ward you immediately called for unity, and we're very gracious to the former chairman Jonathan lines. What are you hearing from aligns camp? Are they going to be cooperative? Or are they going to pick up their marbles and go home for the most part? It looks like everybody really does want to unite the people who were the most vigorous opponents, and and vicious attacks. They've already kind of come around and said, hey, let's come together because we have to win. And that makes me extremely happy and extremely proud. And also extremely humbled. I know that there's a lot of work to do to bring this party together. I'm more than willing to do it. I'm willing to work with everyone. The people who have been in power for a long period of time. But people who felt like the power wasn't taken from them. I think if we bring those two factions together all my gosh, Jamesy. Harris, we are unbeatable in twenty twenty we have the new chair of the Republican party in the center ring of the conservatives. Circus. Dr ward, you spent the last couple of months, traveling around the state talking to stay committee men, what have you been hearing from them. And what is their biggest concern that they want more more people on the ground? And that's why that's my top. Priority is the full activation of the grass roots. We have so much potential in Arizona, even in the places that have been democrat stronghold for a long time Pima county Coconino county over in Apache county, where it's been difficult to wrest power from the Democrats. There's a lot of potential and a lot of people who want to get involved, and they wanna make sure that the Republican party is going to stand firmly beside them and give them the training and the resources and the responsiveness that they need to be able to be successful to do that job. So we're working hard to to be able to recruit during this next several months, you know, between now and September it's going to be wholescale. Recruitment of people who want to get this done who want to work hard for President Trump to make sure that he wins resoundingly in twenty twenty. But yeah that that this weekend by by three percent, isn't what we do that. We give him the win from Arizona that he deserved. And it's gonna take people take time. It's gonna take talent it's gonna take shoe leather. And of course, it's gonna take money. So they're there, but they all seem very ready willing and able to do it. And I look forward to lead the charge one of the things Dr ward that was said before the election and even afterwards, I'm hearing at the McCain camp is still kind of growling saying that it will be more difficult now to raise money, but the reality is in past elections of the money. That was raised didn't go to conservatives. Do you have any concerns about money? I well, I mean, I think everybody has concerned about money because there is donor fatigue out there across the board. But I do know that I've been to work very very closely with the RNC look forward to having a wonderful relationship with them. Them. So that we can use the strategy. I I really am. So impressed that they're using the strategy that we are now getting behind President Trump's that we aren't going to cause division in our ranks before this next election in twenty twenty and that we're going to we're going to uphold him and make sure that he wins, and I've already been in touch with them and and have lots of call scheduled. I've also been in touch with several owners who are ready to come to the table. Blur. Arizona Republican party of Arizona. And I think that there's gonna be more of that to come. You know, people aren't aren't naive. They understand that Arizona is going to be a battleground state and the Democrats see us as a swing state now because of their their successes at twenty eighteen and turning us somewhat a shade of purple, and I'm committed to making sure that Arizona goes red again, not just the presidency and keeping that Senate seat. But all the way down the line all the way down the ballot. That we regain that the Republican majority that we should have in the sense of ring that the conservative circus, we had the new chair of the Republican party. Dr Kelli ward, one of the things that was really unfair. But your race between now Senator Martha mcsally with the fact that the party blocked debates going forward, what will be your policy on that, you know, I I want a Republican electorate to have have access and exposure to all of the candidates so that they can make the decision as to who's going to. Our candidates, but it's not going to be made by big money. And and they give ads now that being said, I would never let our candidates go into the lion's den with data tive mainstream media reporters to attack every single day. And then have you know, lick their chops as they they have their prey before them on a debate stage. I would want those debates could be hosted by Republicans and questions of Republican policy to be asked of our of our candidates. So that they can get their points of view on policy out before the voters who many times and we've seen it on the national stage again and again and again with presidential. We invite these I put journalists in quotes, you're listening to pose the question to our candidates, and they're they're designed not to get policy issues out there on the table, but to forward an agenda that that those particular questioners seem to have and so. You know, I'll do everything in my power to protect our candidates from that. But I also will do everything in my power to make sure that the Republican electorate gets to see all of the candidates and hear from them in in a debate forum in a safe environment with other Republicans. I'll tell you what Dr ward that is a breath of fresh air. And I do believe that if people just had the opportunity to hear from our candidates without the filter of the mainstream media and have you haven't gone through that. And know what it's like the fight against that bad. Oh, I think you bring a lot to this new his new position and is going to give the the good people there on a chance to make a real honest choice into that. I say, congratulations. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. And I think also the one of the roles of the party chairman is to bring our candidates and our elected officials to the people and make sure that they're able to build solid relationships. We are in a populous time it's different time that was thirty or forty years. Ago where people simply accepted that our elected officials stood up in front of them wave their hands set. A few nice words and then escaped out the back. They might take a couple of pictures, and then they're gone now people expect real representation in this Representative Republic, and we can make that happen at the party level as well. Absolutely. Dr Kelli ward who had a huge victory depending on what you're talking to. Is it a fair fair fight wasn't really close contentious. But not close, and we also have an opportunity with Dr Kelli ward now over the party to have real authentic conservatives from from different backgrounds as well. Can I say that? I think I just did. Yeah. I'm talking about the is the left us into identity. Politics is left that goes around putting diversity over everything else. They're diverse look into the versity in the room. Will the reality is here in Arizona. We have diversity when it comes to the Republican party. But under previous administration, I should say management that wasn't embraced. I am hoping that under Dr Kelli ward, we're going to see more Hispanic conservative voices. Regard to see it'll be don't have a whole lot of America's African descent here in you'll who are conservatives. But there are some. And there are involved. But I think what Dr ward I'm hoping that that will be embraced that will be encouraged that will be financed. Because if it is you wanna talk about a revolution. You want to talk about a grass roots revolution. That's going to be opened up to to the Latinas into America's of African descent being welcomed into the party. It'll be amazing. And it will have an impact not only here in Arizona. It will have an impact nationally. I'm just telling you. And. For years for years. My associated with the Republican party America. Try to throw anybody under the bus. But I was sitting here. Like, whoa, whoa. Wow. We could night. How can we don't have more people who are willing to to reach out into bring in into expand? Our base. Famous movie out there called in fear of a black Republican. But it's not just black folks in fear. It was made in the two thousands. But it is did Advantest job of showing how the Republican party was bending more to the to the media really in fear of the media and in fear with the media would say if a democrat really if the sorry the Republicans really pursued minority candidates. So I think that with this change there is something that can be that could happen that could be very very powerful. You know, I have my list here. There are I want to see you list off who the other winners worse year, but I just misplaced that piece of paper. So I'll do that. When I when I come back. We'll be back at six twenty also. I wanna talk about. It's six twenty how the the the Megan McCain mega McCain's reaction to this. Because it's extraordinary Meghan McCain. She was on tour. She was on with van Jones on C N N. She was on the Twitter machine blasting the results of our election here with the Arizona. The Republican party on Saturday. And I'm telling you, she's finding herself in a new world. She's lost. This is not the party that she grew up with this is not the party that she understands and she's afraid that President Trump has put his step on this party. And now that we have Dr Kelli ward or running the party in Arizona. She's afraid all his loss. We'll talk about that a six twenty. Fourteen.

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