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If he can stay out of any some of kobe visa should keep an eye on all. Say and lastly i guess sergio pettis. Yes no opponent. 'cause they don't do battle repeal so maybe that just taught us a little less than there. We can't even go kayla versus signboard unless we unless thirty hypothetical at one fifty if they meet who do you like proven she can make one forty five. She did it in the one time so we can't play that card so drive drop five pounds against one of the greatest in the history of women's mics martial arts. I i still go cyborg. Just because we just haven't seen enough of kayla against high level competition where we have with cyborg said think Pity sway pick cyborg. But i i would probably bet kayla gay so we kind of answered the question. It seems like bellcore at least at the top has the better fighters and then we have a whole other argument of like while the debt. What's number two number ten. We don't have time for that. But why did we all say that. We keep the volume up on the on mcdonald and cooper versus Salter when we all talked about it well at least we talked about it on spitting back like i know you and i talked about it. So could it be that. Pf l. just presents more compelling television and have advantage in that regard over Belvoir they have an advantage in the sense that every fight means something versus with ballot. Or you have your stars you wait for the stars the fight but the ones underneath it. You don't feel like really proving anything. He ants usually one sided arab pico against the guy. We've never heard of every single time. Mvp versus another guy like there's just too many of those yet fun tune in to see those guys but there's nothing compelling about it because aaron pico could be mvp can be on nine fight winning streak. You never know when when he finally get get a good opponent right so i think that's of the advantage that afl has and then a little bit of fresh matchups. Baladora was going through thing where you're just kind of seeing the same guys fight each other over and over and they got away from that a little bit but then they would bring in these fighters that you thought we're gonna do something good. They're they didn't so Implicit it just feels like or goes away and then you just don't know they're coming back like it's kinda weird as felt like already knowing that schedule just i think that gives them an advantage as well very interesting. You're right bell torque spring up on you not us cause we see everything all the time but we see it within like this one week the two league pocket when we're laying out what we wanna do what the website wants to do seem the chatter amongst the editorial you're right abell tour can sneak up on on you if you're just fan. Pf l. does isolate these three weeks in april these three in june these three in august finals by the way bad news about finals. So i'm really taking all this in almost one a bottle up while we're discussing here Goes you're right when anthony pettis klay collared we thought. Wow let's see how -pez does appear felt the narrative was he's a former wbz champ a former ufc jam. If he would win another major belt. How would that stack up against. For example eddie alvarez was trying to do the same thing former ballot for champ former. Ufc champ now down at one championship trying to get his belt or even others like benzon henderson former wc Now he's abella torch trying to get their boat. I remember we talked about that. I thought that was interesting. So then. The guinan klay caller. Who we saw here in las vegas at the fight. Dome called right. The real and that was apologies. The cage fighting. What was it. Final fight ratified estimate. Funded by either. You and so. I remember played card actually got submitted by a battery in the o. Now i'll put it together in a second but caller went in box like almost twenty matches during the pandemic and in part of twenty twenty or sorry nineteen twenty twenty which was very impressive and we all know perez can submit your ass but he doesn't really like the russell you to get you there so for the most part i stand so this might be interesting next card Upset but at that moment goes made that bite exciting because that was the free agent splash. He was on the headline about to opponent. Matchup was good three when he lost now. The pressure was on holy cow. If he doesn't win he may not make it into the playoffs. Feel about that will open up the checkbook in future shows because that's costing them a little bit more money than home growing talent and you know. The same thing happened with verdoux redo Loss which then got changed one no contest then. He got injured continuing. So that's you know who knows if they even maybe negotiated some sort of a signing bonus. Pedophiles out the money there but they also got a new. Starring klay caller. You're right at that moment. It made an interesting what we tuned in to martinez i believe was his name against The kid from paraguay member now versus anthony pettis then made that night interesting because every day matter you're so right whereas there are times when you watch bellcore. I'm even being kind to them. Because i'll say belts were has gig versus john salter. And as i'm skimming the car i'll say the return of erin pico and the reason hosanna his opponent whether i know them or not isn't at the level of very pico so i say an pico versus john smith i think right away anybody consuming that is on i like earned pico but is it going to be challenged. You know like what's gonna be eight hundred akihiko so you me say that because either name recognition online end or i recognize the name but not. i know. it's not a fight that pop. I'd rather say people pickles back car canyons back names. That people are familiar with leave out the opponent but show that bill. Tor does have some veterans before we get to the main the main event So yeah that matchmaking. Although you i'll have pico probably twelve in four eleven three you built up his record along the.

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