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Fund border security all the members say their goal is to find a solution as President Trump and says he's not backing away from his demand for five point seven billion dollars for border walls. Tennessee, Republican Chuck Fleischmann. I believe that we need a physical barrier. I wanted to be candid with my friends. I do think we need a wall a physical barrier where the barrier works. But that's only one part of it. We need all of the above. If a deal is reached by February fifteenth that could be another partial government shutdown Illinois Democrat Senator dick Durbin says President Trump has a stay out of the talk choices between shut up or shut down. We've got do our constitutional responsibility and avoid a shutdown and make sure we take a careful look at every president's request an estimated one hundred thirty nine million people are dealing with subzero temperatures across the country. The most bitter cold is in the midwest. Heading east Rita Foley with more. The temperature dropped a twenty below in Chicago this morning twenty eight below in Minneapolis governors in Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin declared emergencies some airline flights and train service was cancelled the postal service said it was too cold deliver mail to many areas. Several people have died in this Arctic cold, including Milwaukee man, found frozen in a garage. I'm Rita Foley. Stocks got a big boost today when the Federal Reserve Board stood Pat on interest rates chairman Jerome Powell global economic and financial developments and muted inflation pressures. The committee will be patient as determines what future judgment adjustments to the target range for the federal funds rate may be appropriate. The Dow gained four hundred thirty four points to close above twenty five thousand for the first time since December. This is AP radio news. A Taiwanese tech company. Backs off plans to build a plant in Wisconsin saga megani. With more when he announced FOX plans to build a massive site for making liquid crystal displays a year and a half ago, the president touted the job creation possibilities more manufacturing jobs than we've seen in many many decades. But Foxconn now says it's shifting focus in Wisconsin from blue collar manufacturing to a research hub and will not build a factory there. The state and local governments had promised to pay Foxconn roughly four billion dollars in exchange for investment commitments and a requirement that it create thirteen thousand jobs, which the company says it will still honor saga megani at the White House candidate is recalling up to half of its diplomats at its embassy in Cuba after another fell mysteriously ill. There have been fourteen cases of unexplained health problems at that embassy in two years. I'm Tim Maguire AP radio news. News. She wing stage hand tossed urging a forties blend and Papa John's crease immature Philly sauce. The best she sticks sandwich ever way better because it's not a pizza, which means you can share it. It's a show some brotherly or whatever loves and get yourself one today right now at Papa John's get a large Bill or any large Papa John's pizza for just twelve bucks. Yes. Welbeck's? Better pizza. John participating US stores may vary. Tax antipathy. Are listening to the AP.

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