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From NPR and WBZ. I'm Tanya Moseley. I'm Jeremy Hobson at Iowa. Public Radio in Cedar Falls Today. It's here now in a minute. We'll get the latest on the race for the Democratic presidential. The primary ahead of the Iowa caucuses on Monday but I the Senate question answer portion of president. Trump's impeachment trial enters into its second day today and in tweets tweets this morning retired Harvard law professor. Alan Dershowitz tried to clarify what he said in defense of the president yesterday. Here's what he said yesterday for president. does something which he believes will help him get elected in the public interest. That cannot be the kind of quid in pro that results in impeachment. Many people took that to mean that Dershowitz argued that trump could not be impeached for pressuring Ukraine in to investigate Joe Biden because trump believed it would help his reelection and therefore was not was in the national interest joining us with more is NPR national national political correspondent. Mara Liasson and Mara Dershowitz tweeted that he was not saying a candidate could do anything to reassure a reelection but rather seeking help in an election is not necessarily corrupt. Can you put this argument in context. is this a culmination of where the defense is going. It is has and So far it's been rejected by almost every legal scholar out there. But what it shows. Is that the president's legal team team has over time. They started out saying he did nothing wrong. The call was perfect there was no quid pro quo. Then it was even if there wasn't quid pro quo. WHOA it's not serious enough to warrant removal now? Alan Dershowitz seems to be saying. It doesn't matter what he did as long as his intentions were good if he thinks his reelection elections in the public interest in what politician wouldn't think that then anything he does to help him get reelected is fine and it was a very trumpian combination. Donald Trump has said article two of the Constitution. Let them do whatever he wants. And the defense team just really raised the stakes for Republican senators because if they acquit him they are basically validating that argument that the president can do just about anything. He wants. here's a Republican John Barrosso so on CNN this morning talking about that. Initial interpretation of Dershowitz claimed that a president can do anything to get reelected because it's in the national interest. The what I'm saying is presidents have specific powers under the constitution. I listened to the.

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