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What was it like having to fight them things, man? Well, I promise you if I hadn't of let them take over before. I what to how to manage them. And it's kinda cool to know how to do it on your own not like add a sports psychologist that you need to think this on the eighteenth hole. You should think this on the eighteenth. All this is what's going to work. Like, I had raw organic thoughts that I knew were bad newer good from all my past experiences. And I've those and that's what helped me on eighteen. But Iran nuclear enough, I already know because we talked before everyone talks about that putt on eighteen, but that's not the put the meant the most to you. That's not the put the you actually had the most thoughts going to your head tell everyone which put on Sunday meant the most to you as far as with everything that was going on in your head. Was hundred percent member. Fifteen after hit that aren't shot in their birdie twelve and thirteen to get back to seven hundred. I think that there's five people tied for the lead. And I hit that iron shot in fifteen to think it was six six feet, and it is dead straight straight up the hill. And there's I could not find I was trying so hard to find breaking that. And I couldn't do it. So line doesn't matter break doesn't matter. Nothing matters. Only thing that matters was me hitting a good. But or I should rephrase that me not screwing up that was only. So I mean, it was unbelievable that I had to I that part. I had to do it. And in that was I mean, I'm sitting over it. And it's impossible for me to not think about screwing up because that's the only thing I to do. And once I. Made that putt on new. I was a good mental mind frame for the next three or four holes. So when you were when you were doing those next few holes where you will wear of where Ricky and Brooks were. I I've new books was at seven, and I figured there's no way he wasn't gonna birdie eighteen and I figured that. He was gonna get to eight. And that was that was in the back of my mind, then he did it. And I was like, okay. Well, here we go. And 'cause I got to eight on fifteen and also leads. I knew Brooks, I knew Brooks is birdie eighteen I mean, there's no way that guy doesn't do it. So I figured that was good enough. And then I'm some Brooks tied while I'm saying on seventeen and rookies on the green at six, and he's on the back, and you know rookies. Just horse it in on my face on seventeen in the place goes nuts. Right, which I know it. I look at my caddie. I look at my caddie. And I was like I'm not going to say exactly what I said. But I was like are. You freaking kidding me. I was like, and so then he gets the seven, and I was like there's no way he's not burning eighteen now. And of course, I'm up there. The fairway my west side there you gotta Ricky birthday team to get to to get to eight. And I was just like our this is unbelievable. This is fun believable. Like, I mean, they're just making it so hard for me to win here. I can't even get over it. But yet you hit that would shot and after the web shots in the air. What are you thinking when the ball's in air, are you thinking man if that goes a little bit is dead is perfect. I mean, I hear one less club. And I would have enormous play. I had to keep it under the whole. I had to keep it under the whole. I was pumped up wasn't about to take something off a gap wedge, which normally would have in that situation. But I knew I could swing as hard as I could at that fifty four degrees. And it was not going to go over the green and the only place..

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