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Shattered listeners. I WanNa tell you about a podcast from slate. I think you might like it's called man up. The host is Ayman is my own and in each episode. Oh this season he's helping someone who's stuck on some idea or another about what a man should be for virgin in his mid twenties. WHO's starting to get worried? He talks to an empathetic dating expert for a daughter who finds it impossible to buy her dad gifts. He brings in a woman who runs a men's clothing company. Sometimes the person trying to figure things out is aiming himself. You'll be surprised how much you can learn from. People in the middle of doing the work. Subscribe to man Dan up in tune in every week. Wherever you get your podcasts? Today's episode of shattered is brought to you by tubbies Detroit's original taken cheese since one thousand nine hundred sixty eight route in the parking garage garage here at WD in Detroit and for this final episode. We thought we do something a little different so come on get in the car. We're going to take a little ride first. Question is is a word we WANNA start. Guess it matters Komo for the sake of horry. Let's go. Let's start at the Red Fox and then go to the house. Okay so we can kind of get a sense. The how close. They are to each other hats on West on West Lafayette Boulevard for Third Avenue. In today's episode. We're going to visit some of the locations that are key to the hoffer story. Our first stop is about twenty miles north of Detroit so why were riding. Let's get caught up on the events that led to Hoffa's his final meeting in the summer of nineteen seventy five Hoffa was running out of options. He wanted the power back in his hands Presidency Agency of the teamsters union and he believed he could get it but the union offered no support. His longtime organized crime associates told him he should take his pension inching and retire but he had no interest in that Hossam knew that the only way back to power was if he could convince east coast. Crime and Labor boss Tony Only Provenzano to back him. What Hoffa didn't know was that a decision had already been made? My bosses believed Hoffa was going to share their secrets with the the FBI. So Jimmy Hoffa had to go journalist. Dan Modiin says he spoke to an informant. Who claimed it was Tony? Provenzano who put a contract out on Hoffa's life and late nineteen seventy-three early nineteen. Seventy four was was involved in your issues the first thing you have to understand former assistant. US Attorney Keith. Corbett every city was controlled by the boss of that city New York City being somewhat exceptional in that they had five families. But basically what happens is if you were the provenzano say coming in from New Jersey and your intention was to do something to Jimmy. Jimmy Hoffa Mob Etiquette for out of a better word would have required that you seek the permission and authorisation of the the family here in Detroit so if people from outside Detroit Cain to Detroit for the purpose of Say Kidnapping Killing Jimmy Hoffa. It would have been necessary to meet meet with the boss of the Detroit family and indicate what you were going to do Scott Bernstein thinks it was Detroit's crime in boss. Joseph Rally who ordered the hit not provenzano. He says Tony Pro wasn't a powerful enough. Figured I've made that call. Whether it originated genetic was a rally or Tony Provenzano or another powerful member of the Mafia but most experts agree the Detroit mafia was heavily involved in making. It happen two brothers in particular the Jack alone. He's both Tony Jack. Aloni and his brother Billy liked the sort of the gun. Jaren guy the approach. They liked to be known as organized crime figures and they would the public face of Detroit organized crime in the Seventies. Eighties Nineties indies. Because they liked to spotlight the Jack Loney said known Hoffa since the nineteen forties also trusted them so when they told told him they could help him make peace Tony Provenzano. He'd likely believed them. They don't come at your guns blazing they come at you like. They're your best friend and they want to help you out and they they rocky asleep at the they singing lullaby and then right when you're about to close your eyes and you know go off to Dreamland they stick shift in your back or put two in the back of your head with a with five millimeter the nine millimeter.

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