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Said in okay now we'll give you flood insurance but we're not gonna keep ensuring this and losing money over the fact that you guys keep getting flooded noone lay in her door and leave because it's this giant mississippi river it's been here longer than any of us and maybe at some point we have to get smart and say okay yeah we better better not rebuild here and so now it's a marvellous flood line and its agricultural land where you know that kind of land wall you talk about grown crops on that stuff wow it's incredible but he has here's a go ahead of the question is in my mind does this it will this change where we buy homes you know are you are you going to think to yourself by not going to by this house on a vineyard or i'm not at a by this house in the desert or this house that backs up to a you know a forest and in the sierra because i know that i'm going to have a hard time getting insurance for this or how much stock in a cost me in is actually the mortgage rioted that that could that could be a big part of it like we mentioned last hour uh there is some places along the east coast uh against south florida up the coast in do the carolinas um were you've got these beautiful stretches of beach uh where people bill two houses uh and what they are there called barrier islands and barrier islands um while on twitter this way hurricanes often change the shape of them uh hurricane sometimes often remove them another words wipe them out and that's just the nature of a large sandbar for lack of a better term uh when i was looking to buy a house nee i told the story last hour when i lived in florida i wonder by house in atlantic beach florida and i remember talking to an alltime stayed after looked at the house as like athens them in a by this figured out the insurance wasn't that bad and a stop at the local wateringhole are no sitting down having a beer talking with one of the old timers and he said suggesting or by madhouse answered yeah we were talking about he goes you just have to remember one thing you don't own that house i.

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