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RV a time to own one. Moments after being sentenced to yet more prison time in Washington DC, President Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort has been charged today with state crimes in New York. Details from ABC's Aaron Katersky accused of making false statements on a mortgage application to obtain millions of dollars in loans. The indictment was returned earlier this month, but unsealed as Manafort was sentenced in Washington DC, even if Manafort receives a pardon from President Trump, he could still go to prison based on these new state charges. ABC's chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas is at the federal courthouse in DC with details on the sentencing hearing that preceded the new indictments all metaphor threw himself on the mercy of the court today, leaving with the judge to show leniency. You talked about how he was about to turn seventeen years old. And the fact that his wife is in her late sixties, he said she needs me, and I need her. He apologized and said, basically, the case it cost him everything. The judge Amy Berman Jackson before rendering a sentence gave a bliss. Speech from the bench. She cited the lack remorse talked about manafort's repeated crime over many years, and the fact that he had tampered with witnesses in the case. She sent us to an additional forty three months on top of the sentence that had been imposed in Virginia ABC news, political director recline on possible implications from a lot of different sources that Muller seems to be close to completing his work. It could be that. This was the last major piece of sentencing that he wanted to see happen before he closed up shop. So I think we're in the hot zone for expecting your report. It doesn't mean we're going to get one. If you're having problems with Facebook. You're not alone. Users tweeting about problems with posting and live streaming among other things. Some users are locked out completely. And receive a message saying the fight is down for required maintenance right now when attempting to log in users are also reporting issues with an Instagram a high school student in Fredericksburg has died after collapsing during gym class school administer. Traders say the tenth grader had been playing basketball at James Monroe high school school officials have not released the student's name or a possible cause of death..

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