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Your pastor is not going to knock it out of the park during this pandemic he is not going to make everybody happy and he knows that and listen your pastor, your elders they do not like not being able to make everybody happy now. Any pastor elder worth. His salt knows that we are not here to cater to men or bow down to men or make them comfortable or make them happy. But we do want to do things that. Help, the body and we don't want anybody to be upset. We don't want to be anybody to have their feathers ruffled. So we WANNA do the best we can endearing pandemic it is difficult listening being pastor and elder and a churches as difficult as it gets. Let me tell you from experience some of you guys in. Maine. That are elders or pastors. You may know what I'm talking about ministries is tough youth pastors. Children's directors whatever you know when you're dealing with people. It is frustrating. Sometimes, it is tough. Now you're dealing with people in the midst of a pandemic. It's even worse. So show your elder some grace. Show other churches some grace Show other churches some love. Don't act like you're better. Don't act like they're better. Just. In humility. Come together. Serve. And love one another and again asked questions to your elders your leadership. It's okay to ask your leadership questions or at least it should be. If it's not, you might WanNa start looking at why you can't and those reasons might lead you out but. we're not all going to get right. I would personally applaud and say, thank you, John MacArthur, and other pastors in California for standing up and gathering with the saints. especially with the numbers the way they are. And just so grace and love folks. That's all that we can do in this very difficult time. That's all we should do anyway. So. That's part one of some of the more. Noted, things that have happened this week. We won't get into part two here on this episode but standby here when the next episode comes around and drops because we're going to be talking about todd. White. Todd white who seemingly repented from the stage. Muna talk through some of that what that looks like and see what we can. Talk about as far as todd white in his repentance todd wide, of course, word of faith. Growing legs out right there on the spot healing back pain and people a lot of things to talk about with todd white lot of things to talk through. In his repentance. Sermon. And a lot of things to look forward to. So we'll talk about that next time on the PODCAST. So until then have a great rest of your day a great rest of your weekend until next time. God. Bless..

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