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Well he was like the guy with the red face he was again announced wrestler slash valet slash manager about a real louder a real renaissance man russ he was he's one of the best he passed away recently didn't though it i mean i've never really had cast lindsay all plugged in that's why she's a wrestling insider i've never really forgiven did he for rhyming late at night when we pray for you every day we pray for begi tribute song on buddy i i will go in at his greatest sin was using the led zeppelin jimmy plant shrift for the gods zola soundtrack come with me i would imagine glorious stefan is irate the cheese sort have been swept aside here as like the first musician attempting to take over a team well every means you deal with culture owns the dolphins by percentage points anyway and other panthers news they're not gonna have thomas davis for the rest of the regular season at least as things currently stand the league announced monday that davis their veteran linebacker will be suspended the final two games the regular season for the helmettohelmet cheap shot on davante adams that left the packers wide receiver with a concussion wrap she reported davis plans to its appeal the ban and we'll see what happens if if upheld he won't be eligible to return until january 1st of which would coincide with a potential playoff run for the panthers so we'll see if we see thomas davis get i would guess the way these things usually work is they'll get knocked down to game and will seamen week seventeen but who knows it might dilma favour thomas davis has not been the same player for last montes been fighting through a hamstring injury he was struggling i did say he was borderline exposed in the saint scheme it might help him take it cannot saying he wants this but he's an important player to their team who is clearly playing her in.

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