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Li lives they are a fax me you remember those outside of the more of data and the late 90s and now they are just painfully out a day yes while these new fragrances fragrances baby doc tuesday i am wacko it baglai today here lung glud boy us milk baby of no he has ever said those were heard the february birds you could get these fragrances now some sad news here the actor who played tinky winky on the teletubbies has died he was 52 years old his name was simon shelter on his passing has been confirmed by his niece the teletubbies was what by 1 billion children including yours truly one 120 countries during its four years on television shelton was a trained ballet dancer and father of three i didn't know this party replaced david thompson who was fired from the role of tinky winky in 1997 zalono how that guy by on at the fad but he's okay blah blah deepsea in pole seemed to be just fine so those had show your kids should watch it till at least two in the the his son saying i lost my lovely dad darling hind is most gentlemen i knew and i love him more than an next time i had we wanna more somber read thanks i throw the breast milk thing for me of sorry that's my full and that's your dirt alert update for this hour for more stories like these and everything entertainment had divides zacklin said one dot com thanks for letting everyone now dirt alert.

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