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Those are all of your questions for Grey's Anatomy, trivia today. We'll be right back with the answers after this. Hey boys and girls, it's time for that rare ad insert in the middle of an episode. My friend Richard, from bride of Franken con in Knoxville, Tennessee, said, hey, can you help me promote my big convention coming up for fans of horror? And I said, sure thing. Send me a clip. I'll put it in the podcast. So here's a clip. Get some tickets. It's coming up in June. They talk about it in this clip coming up here, bride Franken con. This summer, in Knoxville Tennessee. Freaking can't return the sequel to topple the bride of freight con. Witness the resurrection of horror with two massive reunions it's Friday the 13th part 6 star CJ Graham and Tom Matthews, along with a grand house reunion of hen and martyr, Hinton Rick, and Mullah. Along with the man behind the crow, Jane so far. Plus colt stars like Carl York from cannibal Holocaust and felissa rose from sleepaway camp. Friday and Saturday June 9th and tenth at the Hilton nostril airport on 2001 Alcoa highway, Alcoa Tennessee next to McKee tass and airport. Tickets on sale now at fucking on TN dot com. We are back with the answers to Grey's Anatomy trivia. I hope you had a good time playing along with these today. Number one, Dylan young was a likeable cop who died on season two of gray's. How did he die? Exploded by a bomb. Everything was looking good at the end of this episode until, oh, now he's walking down a hallway, I think, and just explodes. Number two, what actress played one of Derek's sisters Liz shepherd. You know her from the scream franchise. Nev Campbell, Nev Campbell. Number three, which character had an amputation due to a plane crash that's Arizona, Arizona. Number four, which character received a Harper Avery award, Ellis, Ellis. Number 5, who is the chief of surgery before Miranda Bailey, doctor Owen hunt, Owen hunt? Number 6, what was the name of Meredith and Derek's dog Doc? That dog in a sad state of affairs. That dog's gotta be dead, right? That was a long time ago. Number 6 number 7, what was the name of the clinic that Christina Yang opened in Switzerland, institute for medical research. Number 8, what is the name of the musical episode in season 7 of Grey's Anatomy, song beneath the song, song beneath the song? I like the scrubs musical episode better. That's just me. Which character had a heart transplant in season two, Denny, Denny, and number ten, a character that goes by link has what actual first name Atticus. Lincoln is the last name that calm link Atticus like Atticus Finch, and the bonus for two points who are the original fab 5 interns on grays, Meredith, Christina Izzy, Alex and George. Meredith Christina Izzy Alex and George. There you have it. Some Grey's Anatomy trivia for Manny Cortez. He loves it. It's his favorite show of all time. Your fact of the day is Katy Perry had a cat named kitty purry. That makes sense. Kitty Perry, Katy Perry's cat. All right, here's me trying to do the challenges. Two films in which a character pretends to be the opposite sex. How about just one of the guys? And she's the man. Those are my two for that. Two recurring Doctor Who characters or creatures, how about the doctor? I could say the doctor from multiple seasons, couldn't I? Just the 13th doctor in the 12th doctor. Daleks, daleks are creatures, robots, beings, Manny's gonna kill me. Two authors whose last names begin with the letter K last name, I was thinking Kurt Vonnegut, but that's the first name. Last name, K, Philip K dick. That doesn't help me either. Got first and middle name. Let king. Stephen King. Oh man, how did I miss that? And old kids Miller. Which is a made up name from Seinfeld. 6 bands or groups with the, we've got The Killers. To say the corn, that's not right. The offspring, The Killers, the offspring, the smashing pumpkins, the pixies, the. Dirty dogs. Man, I got four out of 6. Four musicians who marry models, the only one I can think of is RICO Kasich lead singer of the cars. Hey, there's a 5th one, the cars. And he married a supermodel. He passed away a couple years ago, one of my favorite musicians. I just found one of his vinyls for $5. It was very cool retro cover on the slip cover. I really like it. Ric ocasek from the cars married a supermodel. And that's all I got. Thanks for listening. Thanks for telling a friend. And we'll see you next time for more trivia with buds. Cheers.

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