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As and i was so cool like with him. He's really awesome guy. And i'm like i feel bad because i feel like he did a great job in honestly. He's my third favorite superman voice. It's because i mean you. The georgian temp thing is so like i. But if you listen like voice. I would love to have him get to be part of some other superman project like one of these direct to dvd videos. The offshoot ones you know. Not the continuity was. I thought they find an actor. They keep that but like right. I'm just like there's other things went on. It would be great to have him back for something and the olympic does this blake. Act is a i. It was a talking about this. And you commented on my post blinken you miss it up and i hate it because teen titans go is still going three bow and you know with my with my kids now. Trying to find a good cartoon like a dc cartoon is hard. Because it's like the dc. The new dc superheroes is cool. You know they did for a while. They did those. Dc per trillion two minute episodes on youtube or like inbetween things and they would release a home video other eight. That's not cool like a two minute little short Now they're the to like ten or fifteen minute episodes A thirty minute block. That was kind of the same model that justice will yakim did and that was cool because it fun goofy but you had good stories and it was all the just sleep pictures. There wasn't there wasn't that continuity that we had when we were younger and everything in the story but it was more serious in fund. The voice allen was amazing it was goofy audit. This not stay around like you had every character like we re watching one and there was an episode. The head start grow and super berlin in boston. And i was like sweet died. Totally forgotten about their so many of these episodes. And i'm just like this is not great and then the merchandise was another like toys. Damon went before really jump on board. Dc what are you doing. You're not getting the kids to really like your stuff because you're not making anything for them right and older animated or lay are rated and wrong allot. But they want us. They'll that earth stirs don't wanna make. I'm differ man and batman comic. I mean it boggles my mind. Because i don't mind like there's some movies that are being there. they're more Us i don't. I don't mind that i don't mind on. Those shows are like i think patrols a great example that's made adults because there's no child from the want the new negative man figure you know so but you know with certain characters. You have to have something. The kids are inside about. That's why i love. I still do the flash tv series because it was made as you have a family show. It's the show that the with dc cares to sit down and watch as a family and they've been true to that model since it start and that's you know. I watched all the older cartoons with my kids because there. It's you know they did the same thing with the batman unlimited where they were like to shorts online and then they did three direct video. Movies model doesn't work. Yeah and then they did justice league action in it and just disappeared. My my proposal was to do a great super sons. You know john Damian wayne with their super pets on on adventures. Doing stuff and of course. It's easy to throw in. You know the other. Eric dickers- yet some of these direct to video like superman manage tomorrow. There is some stuff as either team. You re tweak battle but make it more of a family all right. And that's my thing. Is my kids love. East characters get hyped about stuff and it's so crazy to watch it or you can't see it stuff that they are.

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