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That kind of community that kind of states that South Carolina under kind of figured out that well maybe he is our mantra rate to win across the country he's a centrist isn't that the middle of the party politically he isn't out on the left like Bernie Sanders in the still lots and lots of reservations within Democrats whether a socialist can actually become president in the United States and certainly Donald Trump would hammer away at the fact that he is a socialist believing that Sir most Americans at least the number needed to to win the presidency wouldn't want a socialist in the White House Pete rose only update overnight from America Joe Biden done very well indeed in those primaries he is now looking as if he could well be the democratic nominee to take on president trump in the November election as we heard from him earlier he was saying that it would seem rumors from Bernie Sanders camp he was going to give a press conference and he has retreated to come silences shoot maybe consider his position going forward in the race so we could have a conclusion a lot earlier than expected I will bring it back here as we like to say we've been talking a great deal about the virus of course a job on is probably the only other headline in the top stories at the moment we had a virologist on recently who was giving us a very interesting information the latest on the profile of the disease of the coronavirus what now looks like a five day incubation period it is incredible how the scientists are finding stuff out day by day also it seems to be infectious in mild cases she was telling us for eight days now this is quite important if you're forty to trying to draw up a quarantine links and self isolation links which overseas what heating what's hitting a lot of people in rather silent Italy at the moment yes so if you are in that situation we would love to hear from you tell us what your experiencing right now how your life has been curtailed a full stop put on it or maybe just a calmer at the moment maybe controversial round maybe or in a silly and unable to I don't even get to a place of what that's what they say you can go to work but you can't necessarily go further all the while going shopping yeah she's blind yeah yeah yeah she's in Tuscany she said the main thing that's happened in Tuscany is has been an invasion of people from the north my own she's a very very reasonable nearly ninety year old lovely lady has no prejudice towards anyone but boy does she hate the Milanese at the moment well maybe she should extend to hatred to where this whole thing started well with people what she doesn't like is the fact that Milan was put under quarantine and within a matter of hours all the holiday homes she says all along the coast near where she lives in Tuscany all the holiday items which belong to keep Milan AC she spits out rather unpleasantly but rich Milanese all of a sudden awful of rich Milanese only there in June July and August but they're taking.

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