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Board meetings to discuss properties so you we pay rent everywhere and we have a loan with a bank and we sort of own building and how often do you see the other three members amy poehler and ian roberts and messner map besser with his my brain doesn't get that one mad matter matthew besser matt best yes my brain you know very won't get that interesting messer besser joe bowser from the three stooges okay how often do you guys see each other i see map as her lot he lives in the valley and we do show like once a week called ask cat where we improvise around guest manala gist which is the show invited you to do and then ian lives way up in where wait a minute backup gas manala just what guest manala just so we do show that's been running for twenty years called ask cat where every week we have a guest manala gist we host the show it could be somebody like you could be an actor could be a sports what is what is that word a guest manala just storyteller oh amman promoting log person a purse guests who does monologue yes as they're called a guest managua guess manala gist i'm like saying is that a is that a real word somebody like that it is sure it is yeah a guest manala gis yes oh we got a suggestion from the audience and we'll bring out the guest and the audience will say peppermint bark or whatever and then that day the person on stage will go peppermint bark makes me think of christmas oh when i was in college i didn't go home for christmas they do a story that's like five to seven minutes i'll make that's my weight and then we do scenes the improvisers on the back wall when they're done we come out and sort of deconstruct elements that story and we just do improvise scenes from that story.

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