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And obviously, Secondly you have one of the guys nonetheless that I thought at the privilege to fight Floyd Mayweather, but those two guys and can't stand Bernard Hopkins. Those are that's my list, you know, but amongst those guys to was Fernando Vargas once upon a time. But regardless looking at those guys that what they have done to keep themselves. Relevant for twenty years was they stayed close enough to their weight. Tonight. Have to struggle. So ugly and go to the punishment that he had to go through. And that wasn't really on him. It was a census of some obstacles are thrown our way where we had a plan that was completely derailed. And we had to kind of figure out last-minute like man. Well for me to not panicking him on the night before his debut, like, come on. I can't do that to the kid. I'll ask like. You got it, bro. But inside. Yeah, so comfortable. I'm like, you know. Panicking? I have been one forty since junior high school. Doubt. But victor's they broke you do you how many how many pounds? Have you lost before one night? I fifteen say, well, your ten so you're almost there. Got it. God in mind you that, that, sometimes it was just five pounds. It's like no, those five pounds, a year g like I told his brother, he's got a twin brother identical twin. You know. And I told us twin a Eddie so Jesse pro he is reupped right now, mind you your, your body gets paper-thin gets. His is paper thin, he's shredded. And I'm like, whole crazy. So his brother goes Jesse shredded. That's like not likely I sent them a picture of him, just like this. He goes, holy crap dude. How did how did you do energy? At that, at that weight. Right. Or you just like if you were to find that day, it would just be like not week. Yeah. Probably. Yeah. Because what happens is you have a twenty four hour span before an actual by seaman. So I mean the thing is we were rushed. Yeah. For that way, you know, because every are planned did not go as we wanted. It was supposed to be you arrived Tuesday. I had everything set up Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday, Thursday of go to Wayne's, not a big deal. But everything was like. We felt the tracks there. Guessing over this time, you had a little experience with coffee. I was like, Jesse. I am so sorry, bro. But dude, I have I fasted with my boy here. So he didn't feel loan losing all that way in training, working. Now I mean, I was hungry, y'all film that. I was thirsty I was by his side, but I go Jesse. I know you can't drink or eat anything right now. But I'm gonna put some gas in my in my in our car right now we're gonna head down to, to San Diego, bro. I need a coffee bro, or we're not gonna make. He goes nights. Okay. Can I? So I got me a coffee like that, black coffee slammed it. And I was like, all right. Well, the, the good news is you can have up to twenty five cups of coffee your day. Not have any more trio hardening than someone who had less than half a Cup. And I thought I had a problem you twenty-five cubs study out of the, the British heart foundation and they'd sit on average people steady at five cups, but that was twenty five cups a day day and the ones that had more than twenty five the excluded, so there are people that had more than twenty five cups a day, but they found that there was no more Artil hardening than having less than half a Cup of coffee, different metrics regimen, things that coffee might be protected for bad for at least when it comes to arteries hardening, you good. I feel like I was talking to a girl about this last week. It you go a day without coffee, and your body goes with through withdrawals, and you get headaches and stuff like that. Then that's a problem because then you're. Because now you're your body's a coffee, you can still have copies leave..

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