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Thomas has gotten that link. thomas has been fine. Yeah he's good Ryder cup those of you is saying. Oh no he's going into golfing all. I'm going to golf again. Steve stricker the captain. The ryder cup. Pick six guys on his captain's pick all of whom are young. They're all good players. Does schoff lays scotty schefter tony. Female jordan speed harris english antennas pro. Son i'm leaving one out. Who's the william burger daniel. Berger okay. they're all fine players. He left out a great ryder cup player. He left out. Patrick read bond. Tried to sell us yesterday as going young patrick in his thirty's not old patrick reads not old. Patrick read his overall record in the ryder. cup is seven three and two when he's three and own singles. You have on the team a guy that nobody wants to play with price into shambo. If you add patrick read you have a second guy. Nobody wants to play with so you put them together. You put them together. And who is the wildcard and what. I don't even know if he's not to play with him. I don't even know if he's going to play with a wrist injury. I think it's a mistake. Look you know. it's there's twelve people out there. I don't know that it has anything to do with. Who's going to win and who's going to lose. But the european squad has a lot of vets who are very good in this particular format. This is the way the euro's beat the united states. They don't beat them in the majors as much as they beat him. In the ryder cup. I think it's really mistake not to put. Patrick read out there. But i yield to the golfer in the family. So i think coming back to where the americans have had the edge in that comes down to international major competitions. And i think here. You're looking at steve stricker. I mean you actually could hear the pain in his voice when he was trying to relay why he did not pick this player and patrick great. I think it comes down to health patrick. It hasn't really played in the last and he'll know physical rocking pneumonia. You don't move. You've not physically. Where he and if he was if he wasn't older elder statesman if he was a filler tiger. And say we want you out there. We want you work in the walkie talkies with us. We'll get you out in singles and maybe you'll play one more time but you don't even know if he can do that and then comes down to scar tissue. You're mentioning players that don't have the baggage of these wildly lopsided losses when they were the favorites and they were the sort of the international story in gulf those half the team as random house. And so you're looking at branding. Is this actually the path as to how the europeans got the edge and the ryder cup over the last twenty years where they brought in people who who had less name recognition not even name recognition just less exposure to this event to this event and their their prime to sort of make their mark on it. Because now you look at you look at careers in ian is career is made from the writer. And you'd say once you have that success does success than beget more success. Yes so you would have not put read on. I would probably have a conversation with him. And say i know you want to do this. But where exactly are you personally. I would not put him on. Because i think you already have the distractions and i would try and i would trump here from him if he was if he was healthy. I think it'd be harder harder. Choice for the captain. I will point out one more time. His record is overall record. Seven wins three losses and two ties. The two greatest golfers in the united states history of the last thirty years tiger woods and phil mickelson underwater on their career records. They're under five hundred. Both of them just say we'll take a break when we come back. We'll start with james carville and jeff mon- find out what they're thinking about games this weekend. I'm tony kornheiser.

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