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Agree but you won't be alone in thinking that it's a must win. And what did we just say on the podcast. The other night in any game of any import from here on out pepys. He has to be your your number night. He has to be your striker. I just feel at the you know at the risk of overstating it. I just feel the energy of of the on the mood. And the and the perception of this team a good performance and a win is needed on wednesday to to just close the chapter on on this On this window we can't go like days. No nah you're right. I hear you I wonder too about you know fullbacks. It's gotta be robinson and dust anything aside from that would shock me Centreback miles robinson. I'm sure slots back in. I hope you'll walker zimmerman has played. Well i know he got you know we thought peppy was the star of the other night but i saw barry alter gabe. Zimmerman the match ball After that one was really complimentary of job. He did sure he's he's now played in both of these. Is he gonna be able to give you these three in a week. One which you know on the road coming back now to ohio. I hope i think miles robinson and walkers look good next to each other so You know i. That's what i would want to see but we'll have bear halter knows bear altern better than us. What sort of fitness levels. He's got left in zimmerman. Maybe he played them tonight knowing. That wasn't gonna give them all three. And it's gonna be miles. Robinson and chris richards mackenzie. Maybe he'll go the less. I don't know. I'm genuinely curious this. This teen is nothing if not unpredictable so we will. We will sit and wait like the rest of you in nervous anticipation. Suddenly it takes on a different hue in different color. I mean all these qualifiers we said there are important. This is what it's all been building toward and the fact that there's tree in quick succession definitely heightened attention. Bought detention goes into overdrive after performance. Like that now. It's really now. It's mood music andrew. it's it's hans zimmer. It's it's it's real kind of cinematic stuff big win. Big performance needed wednesday night. Does this sound familiar..

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