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Talking tech is brought to you by wicks dot com. Create and publish a stunning website. All from one powerful platform. Go to wicks dot com to create your very own professional website today. That's w I x dot com in stay tuned, after the show to hear you can take advantage of special offer for talking tech listeners, many of us believe that Facebook is actually recording our phone conversations because how else could those ads follow us so quickly now? I'm Jefferson Graham. You're listening to talking tech. This is the part two of our privacy series that we've been doing this week yesterday. We talked about Google today. We're talking about Facebook in its overly aggressive attempts to track us, everywhere we go, the phone, call thing is an urban legend Facebook will deny it every which way, but Tuesday, it says it does not recorder phone conversations, but, you know what it doesn't have to because it's grabbing our data everywhere so effectively. It's getting the data elsewhere. Where it's got are if you have a mobile phone, it's tracking. You everywhere you go. It knows where you logged on. It knows how you logged on. It knows where you live at knows how old you are at knows who you associate with, you know, that's the, the devil details thing about Facebook. Is that once you start inputting tags hashtags photos, comments likes your golden to Facebook? They are learning so much about you and Facebook will freely. Admit it, it says that it collects the content communications and other information including photos, and videos accounts, hashtags in groups that were connected to it notes. What posts videos and other content? We've you and even collects. Our payment information including credit card were debit number billing and shipping information. If you've signed onto a website with Facebook single sign on, and opted in for an Email newsletter, made a purchase at a retail store. Or signed up for coupon or discount Facebook has more tools to monitor you. And of course, it tracks you even if you tell it not to Facebook claims the location, tracking, which is a feature on iphones, and androids that you could turn onto never Facebook claims that it's opt in that we've given it permission. Well, let me tell you about today, because I believe that most people don't opt in for this. There's no card that comes up that says let us track. You everywhere you go, please. What it does do is. I took a picture this morning in Manhattan Beach, California. I wanted to post it on Instagram and up came a pop up message that said, turn on location services. Didn't tell me why it just told me to do it. I know better. I know what that meant Facebook, Instagram. Whatsapp would then have the authority to follow me everywhere. No, thank you. Why is that a bad thing? Let's say you're a woman go who just went to the OB GYN, and you had just had a miscarriage Facebook knows that you were just there because the location, tracking, they know who you are, how old you are. And they put two into together. You're visiting the doctor and all of a sudden all these targeted ads start showing up to you for cute baby things. You would not be very happy about this now there is a school thought that says, I like the tracking because I have a record of everything I've done, and now I know where I've gone. I don't like it. I don't know about you. I think I think Facebook is gone at a whack. I think it's gone too far I think they need to reign it in. I think they need to be vocal with the public about what exactly they're doing. I don't think they're telling the whole story when they grab our information, those are my thoughts. What are yours? I'd love to hear from young Twitter where I match Everson Graham, you've been listening to talking tech, please subscribe to the show wherever you listen to online audio. I will be back at you tomorrow with part three of our privacy series looking at Amazon. Thanks for listening. Sometimes having a great idea is the easy, part getting people to hear about your idea. Not always so simple. But now there's wicks at wicks dot com. You can start and publish your website for free wicks as artificial design intelligence, creates a stunning website for you in just a few minutes. You can choose from five hundred stunning templates or start from scratch just answer, a few questions about your business to get started wicks provides you with an all in one business solution to grow your online presence, plus all sites include built in SEO tools, so you can easily get found online and inserts engines like Google and Bing, build a website of your very own with wicks today. And if you go to wigs dot com and use our code talking, you'll get ten percent off any premium plan with wicks premium plans. You'll get more storage a free domain for a year and much more. That's wicks w I x dot com promo code talking for ten percent off your. Premium plan.

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