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Different answers on the relief programs that borrowers qualify for sometime just taking lenders weeks to reflect the changes on borrowers accounts more on the frustrations for both sides from Anna Maria entry Otis consumer lending reporter at the Wall Street journal Anna Maria what are you hearing Adam complications that consumers are encountering after trying to get relief programs from their lenders so there is a set of complications that are technical and you decide so long wait times I'm you know waiting for hours on end trying to get through to somebody in some cases the line disconnected we have to try again getting emails and secure messages through the banks to try to get some help but not hearing back from the sun and so things are very time consuming and not really productive in terms of being able to connect with their banks at the same time and possibly even more were worrisome for consumers will need to connect with their banks and they're told that they are going to be placed in programs that allow them to Mr payment for one or two or three months he had to leave the conversation thinking that okay now I'm temporarily okay I have been reading world and it I will be penalized for not making my payment within a few days later they get notices that you're late with your payment and as you can imagine there's things I need that comes with that but we did it why and why am I getting hit with a late fee why am I getting a late notice when I just spent all this time going through this process of being put in deferment cheese so if you can't get somebody or if you're on hold for an unreasonable amount of time or the call drops I mean I was thinking like how do you make a case for yourself do you screen shot your smart phone and show that you made a call that euron holder see see yourself on email or the what do you do making a case for yourself well it turns out a lot of people are doing that and it isn't so difficult because but when you go into your bank's app and you send messages the bank that stuff is generally stored in an inbox within the app some people do have screen shots of their wait times that some people are quite frankly tweeting about it in real time and it's happening and between shots of I've been on hold for three hours but no one's answering speak with Anna Maria and religious consumer lending reporter at the Wall Street journal her pieces called consumers seeking debt relief amid corona virus to face jammed phone lines and overwhelmed lenders explain and anecdotes that stood out to you about somebody who's really struggling with this I spoke with a lady who lost her work as she worked as a as a bartender for Peter and Paul and others are probably the best places to think about weddings and sporting events and that sort of thing and whose job basically came to an end in mid March and so she called she will she try to get the city that her credit card issuer she to the support of those do and she's calling she messaging with the banks chat bot not really getting anywhere and she started sending messages to the bank through a typical Republican email to secure messaging through the banks and she's saying that my credit card bill ju I can't pay that can I possibly get a break on the somehow and no one's responding instead keep sending emails wife will be getting back to me some economy what what happened on and a few days later she finds out that she has incredibly C. and she still messaging into finally after oh god answer over a week of messages she starts to hear back from the bank and she's told that she is going to be placed in the the firm it wish that make payments but yet when she logged into her account she said that she believed was her payment she didn't email from the bank but she lives with her payment and she had no clue where she spent because you know the bank has gotten back to her the lady that had come back her telling her that she doesn't need to make payment you will be penalized and yet the the automatic email were coming think nearly five to five noon and it's saying you're late so this is massive confusion anxiety frustrating Hemery entry Otis reporter at the Wall Street journal twenty minutes.

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