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Wisteria and golden brown matching colors introduced for the new leather cases for iphone thirteen but additionally the peace says the ramez bag charm and key ring were updated so it is now available in gold blue sophia gene door and comment while the armez luggage tag now comes in. Gold pretentiousness included at no extra charge. News from macrumors apple ceo. Tim cook has made it two times list of the one hundred most influential people of twenty twenty one two things. I it's weird. That time is still influential enough for. It's one hundred most influential people list to matter and second when they be bigger news of the openly gay fighting for social justice. Ceo of the world's most valuable company didn't make that list especially since time listed apple as one of the one hundred most influential companies of twenty twenty one also on this year's list billy eyelash subject of a documentary for apple. Tv pause and jason davis star of comedy series on apple tv plus okay. I'm kidding about eyelash. She is a huge pop star and would have made the list with or without the documentary but the star of ted lasso making the list that almost sounds like another award for the cupertino streamer not to take anything away from mr daycares speaking of ted lasso as we so often do more accolades this week for the apple. Tv plus comedy apple and cider says the series is one three out of the five awards. It was nominated for and the thirty seventh annual television critics association awards. The peace says the awards came in three of the t. c. as biggest categories achievement in comedy new program and program of the year and finally today news of another show coming very soon to apple. Tv plus i'm morris as the bilingual. Comedy acapulco is set to start in less than a month describing. The show apple says acapulco tells the story of twenty-something maximo gherardo whose dream comes true when he gets the job of a lifetime as a cabana boy at the hottest resort in acapulco. He soon realizes the job is far more complicated than he ever imagined. And in order to succeed he must learn to navigate a demanding clientele a mercurial mentor. Anna complicated homelife all without losing his way to shortcuts or temptations set in nineteen eighty four to people play gerardo and rica out of zone plays the twenty-something version while you he neo dead bez narrates has gerardo from modern day. Their best also serves as the show's executive producer billed as an apple. Original acapulco starts at ten episode. Run on friday. The eighth.

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