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Where are you inside the arena right now? Kyle by bring those topics that God if you're in Orlando and you know what I'm talking. So facing I'm facing north. Right. And I'm facing where the field was field is where they had forty five cents. Right. That's where everybody was waiting outside of also where president. Everybody said, hey, we'll have big spreads out there for everybody doesn't get into what's right. Following me. Now here's what I'm seeing. I'm seeing a field that looks like it was partied on a few hours ago. There are maybe ten people on this field, and then one big screen, so I just I don't know what the numbers are. But we would change when we say big screen. Yeah. When we say, big screen are you talking big screen like an eighty insures? I mean, retarded big scramming only ten foot or maybe. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Like, eighty like this, this screen put in our living rooms. That's so it's big enough for that. Now, what do you think there's been a hundred thousand people to pass through? I mean, obviously, that's how many tickets were requested. So we didn't expect that any to come in. But do you think twenty thousand people made their way into the center? I don't know. But here's the thing, most of the arena looks pretty full as now I haven't been in there in a little bit yet, but they weren't billing the seats behind the stage, so that, so already, we're not using all twenty thousand seats for spectators. But here's the thing, guys, is that we heard that only twenty thousand is we're going to get in, and then anybody else would give out it, but they're still bringing people in looking at the security, people were still coming in. There's no more line outside of Amway anti. Honest. Like I really wonder if there are people here who want to get into who are, it's a really wondering, everybody, gene. I think that's a great point. And you know we talk about these big numbers all the time. And Trump in a really, really just tells us everything that's going great in our country, and how great these crowds are. And sometimes I feel like that may hurt him. This is a Tuesday night, people coming home from work. They have kids, you hear a hundred thousand people. You may say, hey I don't wanna head out there when I only that they announced that a week ago. And if you look at the radar yesterday, there was a seventy to eighty percent chance of thunderstorms from four o'clock eight o'clock, but already was raining before. Right. It's heard when we got here around one o'clock to Harry buffalo, we add to the parking garage for it to lighten up, and it was storming. There were people packed like sardine cans underneath I four and like you know what? I'm not going to take a chance. I'm not waiting. So it still looks like everybody was coming. So they would look. Like they would get to at least the arena filled. But now as we slow down the pace I thought there was going to be much more people walking in to the Amway center right now. But which really interest rates Morrow story all of the media is going to be covering the crowd size. It's such a topic and Trump ever since he started four years or four years ago, putting himself out their Cy Cy size size matter size matters. Well, it's going to be another issue here tomorrow. People are going to be talking about the size wasn't outside of Amway. Ken? So. Can you hear about a lot of discrepancies that people were waiting getting in a lot of them are mad at Amway because I talked to one of our listeners actually met up with the and she said that a lot of people who awaiting six seven eight nine in the morning, they got really mad because people were waiting on the streets, somehow were able to get into where they were at get in front of them. So there was a lot of there was a lot of fighting over who was able to get in first or last in a lot of some of the people who were there early are saying that people who got their later were allowed in before debts were also going to hear about that, too. Yeah. That was interesting. I had not heard that before that was really interesting. Yeah. What's well, I find this to be very interesting because I'm in that influence our world. I understand bitcon playlists live huge mart in Orlando. So I've been part of these gigantic conventions and out Los Angeles. I used to live there. Bitcon is out there each year. It's a big influence or convince convention, and there's an influence, sir called Tanna her name's Tanna who Tennakon and through a really botched version of a convention, and it was huge news in the digital world where it was just this terrible mess. People bought tickets they were complaining that other people are getting in and bathe in who's this whole big mess. So it sounds like there's different little aspects of play that's here. And what happens is when this is announced a week ago you gotta think about the fact that his team has one week to put together this entire thing that means security police the Amway center, entertainment, the lines security again. Because you there's so many different aspects that go into it. So there's bound to be some issues. But hopefully inside is a huge success and everybody's safe and doing well then it looks good because especially with all the people around here, there are a ton of people out there, but we do have a connection of brand HOGAN Hogan's over in the field brand. And how many people are there surrounding you right now? There's quite a few a lot of them have decided to just chill out in the Forty-five fest area to watch President Trump speak. No one's been turned away from the doors as far as I can see except for those with backpacks and umbrellas because I think people weren't tuned into our news ninety six point.

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