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They do that with Nickelback. And I've heard people talk about Pearl Jam. Have you? And I don't know why. I mean, I guess I haven't listened to him enough to hate them. Maybe it's music that doesn't wear. Well, maybe it's inch music that was kinda good. But it got there's something about music that gets overplayed, we all have that time in our lives. Where there was a song that was popular. And then the first time beyond. But you know, you hear it four hundred sixty one times on the four hundred sixty seconds, you go I never want to hear that song again in by four eighty-five. You've lost your mind. It might be ten years later, but you've lost your mind. Caller. Hello. This is my daughter. I'm from New Orleans, you tell me you're from New Orleans every time, and you don't have to tell me because I already know. Oh, you do. Okay. But I love the way you say New Orleans. I'm sorry. Say it again. Do all you do, you know, my friend, EDI MARTINI? No. You know, my daughter says hold on. I'm gonna tell you story. This is the weirdest thing. He tells me he's a big deal in New Orleans. And then I find out he's actually for many. Oh my goodness. I know I know, but I'm okay, I'm I'm gonna let that let that slide. But he tells me he's a big deal archbishop Romo into LSU. I have been asking around for fifteen years. I've yet to find anybody that knows him really. Now, his brother's estate Senator people go. Yeah. Eddie, Martine, eighty MARTINI. No. I don't know any Martine now. I know a, Danny MARTINI. That's his brother, Danny Martinez. So good. All right. You got it. But never EDI MARTINI ever. We'll I call focus. My daughter heard something on I don't know what it is Facebook, or whatever that stuff is that the mayor of Atlanta says she did not want the saints coming there to play in the Pro Bowl. It was played at the Superdome before the game. Did you hear that? Yeah. They played it. And then the fans went nuts. I didn't hear it. I must've missed it. You know? I don't go to Texans games. My CPA has tickets, which I guess technically I'm paying for. But the game day experience to me is is maybe I'm just getting old and cranky. Two hours before the game. Takes you two hours to get out. It's hard to get in that stadium is is tough to work with because there's a Kirby's at chokepoint and there's not a good transportation network. Because of the way the way it was built when it was built. And it's just sixteen can't handle it right there. And anyway, whatever. But so I haven't been to many Texans games. I watch them. I enjoy watching them, but I like all the camera angles. And if there's good commentary, if there's bad commentary than comment on commentary, but I say that say this Lynn. I've never been in a stadium ever in my life in any sport. Where the stadium. The strategy behind how they use the stadium Cam TV's so motivated the people, and I don't know if they do this every week or they did it because it was a championship game Lynn every game. But before the game started they and throughout the game. They played that clip of the Atlanta mayor she didn't say we don't want the saints here. What what they did is they ask different people who they wanted to win. And mayor of Atlanta said. Anybody but the saints. I mean, nobody wants to win and assassinated. Nobody. Nuts. There are archrivals because the saints off. Gotten a better of them. Yep. Actually won a Super Bowl. I was so upset at that last play. And you know, they officials upstairs watching everything that's going on they could've stopped that. Right there. They could have a pass interference call is not reviewable. Now. They don't have to review it. They saw it. They did see it. But they can't just see things in overrule it right there on the spot limb. There are things that are review -able and things that aren't the league Commissioner Roger Goodell has the authority after the fact to overturn a game. But to my knowledge that's unprecedented. And as awful as the call was and it was awful. There's no way around it. I think it would it would be it was set a bad precedent. And I think it would leave people. Everybody other than some die hard saints fans. I think it would leave everybody with an odd feeling if you flipped the result of the game because you can't be sure the saints would have won. Look, I wish the saints at one I do, and they did in my mind they did win and they got it ripped away. But you know, this lawsuit that they're bringing in all that. It's I mean, it's entertaining. Just don't ever confuse it for anything other than entertaining remote Linden. Let.

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