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I'm Scott Goldberg the White House is proposing to rollback. Auto mileage standards the Obama era rules designed to make cars more fuel efficient. And cut pollution the PA also wants to revoke state's ability to set their own. Stricter mileage standards a former associate of former. Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort will take the stand at manafort's Bank and tax fraud trial this from federal, prosecutors in Virginia ABC's Janai Norman has more prosecutors kicked off today saying they have every intention of calling brick gates to testify in the case against, Paul Manafort Wednesday that was. Thrown into question when prosecutor said gates may or, may not testify but today setting. The record straight the one time Trump campaign aide who's already pled guilty to conspiracy and lying to federal authorities will testify ABC news has. Learned special counsel Robert Muller wants to question President Trump about obstruction of Justice as part of the, Russia probe sources say that request prompted Trump's tweet calling for the attorney general Stop the investigation yesterday. ABC news chief. Legal analyst Dan Abrahams there's no question this is an. Effort to undermine the investigation does that necessarily mean it's legal obstruction of Justice. That's a question that Robert Muller's going to have to assess they won't look at. This tweet in isolation it won't just be. Was that tweet obstruction of Justice the question will be did that tweet in conjunction with all the other. Evidence they have all the other actions of the president's taken all the other things he has done reached a level of obstruction of Justice President Trump, will hold a rally later. Today in Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania forensics experts are now, trying to identify what could be. The remains of fifty five US soldiers killed in the Korean war turned over to the US military yesterday a process they say could take. Years on Wall Street the Dow is down one hundred points the NASDAQ is up thirty seven s, and p five hundred is flat you're listening to.

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