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To respond to that pressure and it takes a little time to let these things happen as the summit continues so do arrest amid earlier rioting in hamburg and continued tensions belief using these water canada demonstrators police report nearly two hundred arrests and more than eighty injuries a police officers new numbers show fewer illegal border cross things from mexico says abc's alex stone in los angeles the reasons why illegal border crossings have been down are complex involving economics and other factors south of the border the trump administration says it's immigration policies are playing a role there were on the ground reports according to sources that us customs and border protection the people tried to enter the us beef four trump took office knowing it would become tougher whatever the reason numbers remain low abc's alex stone the us added an unexpectedly higher number of new jobs last month say the labor department monthly surveys jj kina an analyst with td ameritrade was the first one over two hundred thousand in a while you know me political hey i think that's where we're going to do so presidents of quarterbacks always get too much blame it too much credit two hundred twenty two thousand new jobs created in june you're listening to abc news news radio 610 wtvn i'm scott jennings strongest thunderstorms move through this afternoon but they left behind tens of thousands of eighty customers in the dark many of them at franklin and licking county stretching from downtown columbus east ticket hanan reynolds berg and on into botanical and newark in all over thirty thousand were in the dark at one point though syria's who's now we're going to try to get everyone restored almost police investigating after the discovery of a body in the trunk of a car victim was found this morning at a hilltop neighborhood so far no further details have been released is there some monkey business going on in dublin abc six steve levin says someone spotted.

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