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And sixty two games that's how you have to do it now so that makes starting pitchers who usually go six innings in those games and get hurt a lot less valuable but to win it all if you run into them in the postseason like the land is of the world and the shares as and guys like that that's where they can beat you now you can dispel out a little bit where the greatest pitcher of this generation has not been a ver for an ironic reason crazy reason or just misfortune has not been a dominant postseason pitcher and that of course being kershaw i mean who has just been but you know you need that guy in the short series because of the fact you up with the guy because they can dominate as you saw earlier in the day last year and the short series right now exactly what you just said and listening to all the interviews you've always had was brian cashman i would say cashman's underlying theory on player now assist is don't make a short range don't make it a long range decision based on a short range spurt and based on that i don't think any of this talk about getting rid of twenty one and twenty two twenty three year old everyday players for a pitcher that's going to be around on your team for a year or two i don't see cashman doing that well first of all this thing with the yankees and mets probably doesn't make a lot of sense anyway but if that's what you're speaking to just him the yankees need to upgrade their pitching if they want to compete with the teams they're going to compete within the postseason this year they're going to compete with using they're probably gonna have to upgrade official i mean that's just logical i can they get to the postseason pitching they have now.

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