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I'M NOT GONNA. Argue that he has to do a lot to round out the rest of his game. He has got to figure out how defense on he has got to figure out how to make the right reads passing the basketball, but man in this dude is like consistently throughout the pre-draft process to from his teammates that are around them every day. They will go to bat for him as one of the hardest workers that they've been around. That's just not the guy you bet against Donald think. Think like that. There are concerns and I get the skill based the field for the Game I. Get the defense I'm going to bet against that I. Think he's GonNa be at the very least one of the best six men in the NBA for a long time. If you told me he was like a high end starter at some point, I would not be wildly stunned. I'm like I'm definitely on the Higher End of Colin, Sexton and I'm happy to be there. I will take all of your. All of the shares. You're selling on call Zach's in album. Yeah I think that's fair play. Ultimately. This league is back in buckets. He can get them. And he's young so. He's also just Kinda he's got that factor that I really liked coming out of Alabama. Three hundred five against Minnesota and outscored them. Her House likes the. Out there, there's something to that guy. There's just something to them that. Listen again I'm not. porting here that he's GonNa turn into an all star or anything. That, he's that he's going to be something, but he's no scrub. Talked about I feel like like he is going to be out of the. NBA. No, no, no, like within five years now it's. Far More likely that he's at all star. That he's out of the NBA and five years Ryan Sterling, he is a really really good scorer and. Like, that's the thing like I. I don't necessarily know that. The cavs made the wrong decision getting another point guard like they did because they did. Yeah, you're right. You're right..

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