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Your local Mister Sparky today call eight eight eight eight Sparky independently owned and operated licensed in respect to state or county your next update six twenty news radio six ten W. I. O. D. hi thanks very much appreciated their Taylor yeah just kick that the computer just to get a good smack check the wrenching correct like the Russians they do that they work for let's go ahead and get a table with forecast the weather channel urologist race stage going right good morning Jim how are you I'm doing our menu or your crank that public office you had this more I don't know three four years at my two cups on the way in and maybe this one maybe mama made a little bit stronger for me today the D. we've we've a thermos I've got a two by two big mugs I drink one of the way and only about half of it in the trunk via and that I carry one in with me and a drink that one while I'm here than on the way home accident that other like quarter for Cup cold on my way home we gave it a lot well you know what if you were in the shift you drink a lot of coffee you just don't you know although I did cut back years ago because I was coming in it was when I was working weekends and let's not get into being young and in Atlanta and then to yeah then working weekends but let's just say I drank a lot of coffee is there much sleep it back in the day right it is what happened was as I was finding myself like peeking like at nine or ten o'clock in the morning and then done with the shift that get home and then I would crash and I would wake up till seven rated nine have to get up to three the next morning and I was like I can't get do you do that for awhile it is time to catch up you know yeah the ships were or unusual I mean there we're lucky to have the jobs for their unusual shifts that's for sure yeah and we believe it or not I've adjusted in its preferred now I look at all the other shifts around and I'm kinda like I want to do that now or but I want to do that I don't even want to do like I used to do a six to two right and I was kinda like you know what because we got out of there any later than like two or two thirty or three hit traffic I like traffic I don't like people no Sir I don't like being home any later than two or three o'clock here I'm done news look we're still showing the iguanas done done newness he and I go to the gym I go home I still have time to relax before body else comes home the commotion begins and now the kids are older I could still be in bed by between seven and eight o'clock if I want a love a love the should be added to a really did you tell people over there at the weather channel that we've been talking about I did these one is for forever what day yeah well you know they really didn't say much because I don't even know if they heard me I said something but they didn't hear they probably listen but you know there's a difference and yeah you know it yeah I think it's because it was on the interwebs yeah Twitter was gone bananas with it yesterday and hello everybody want to be part of something exciting I guess just like Mister Pena after on under all that you know what it is the revive him at the end of the Super Bowl you know yes you'll come back a little ill pop but a nice publicity stunt but I wonder if we pretended that I'd gone nap from the you know the funny thing is you know he dies from peanut allergy exactly right I know the gas that even look yes Sir on the surface guy I see headlines on what that's good enough yeah my wife tells it will happen when I'm like I don't know I say Mister Pena died in you know chill Lasky won't happen like I have no idea just like just like the grapple yesterday right your mother greats about Manny to to me that up but Stewart in west Palm Beach area now people think either seen snow flakes of crawl right yeah so it's like you know frozen grains coming down from the sky how is that right yes just like that in the ones no no no I don't.

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