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Giving up hope of finding her. It's now been 13 years since Stacy Peterson disappeared. Her case captivated the nation. Eventually, her husband, drew Peterson went to prison after being convicted of murdering his third wife, Kathleen Savio. Stacy's family says they still hold out hope that she'll be found. Peterson's two Children are now 15 and 17 years old. They've been in the care of jurors oldest son Steven, and that's where they remain in. The family has had annual vigils but had to cancel this year because of the pandemic. Cisco Kodo NEWS radio 105.9 FM evidence is mounting that a particular nutrients may help protect against the Corona virus. Spanish researchers say People who suffer the most from covered 19 are almost twice as likely to be deficient in vitamin D. Among the hospitalized patients they studied 82% or deficient, compared with fewer than 50% in the general population at a separate study finds people who take vitamin D pills are less likely to suffer from respiratory problems in general, don't want to shell out for appeals. The best source of vitamin D is son. Night. Vicki Barker. CBS News London, W VT. Of News time 2 53 time for business. Here's guarantee. A Bloomberg Jennifer worry over a cove it economic chilling effect is hitting stocks. We're seeing the biggest single day decline in about two months and Corona Virus worries are also slamming energy markets. Oil futures tumbled 5.5% to finish below 37 a half dollars a barrel. Amid anxiety that both short and long term travel will be crimped by the new Covic uptick. The Dow sinking 842 points. That's a loss of more than 3%. The NASDAQ lower by 3 72. That's a loss of three and a quarter percent and the S and P tumbling 106 points. The Wintrust W BBM Chicago Index from Bloomberg is lower by more than 2.5%. Wall Street Thanks, UPS should be charging more for delivering online purchases to our doors. UPS reported better than expected profits in general. But in the US the online shopping boom has ups spending more on workers and equipment. And that stock is sinking almost 9% today. A second wave of food stockpiling has returned. This time. Food companies are ready. Cheerios maker General Mills has added 45 production lines, Campbell's soup spent $40 million to expand production of its goldfish crackers. So again, we've got losses of more than 3% for the main averages. The Dow sinking 862 points. 26,600 with business now at 23 53 live.

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