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She shares exactly what she's doing to generate the bookings and build the kind of business she has in today's interview and that's coming up in just planning to have a successful wedding and portrait photography Business Join Injury is he interview did you successful photographers and business experts to fuss track your success welcome to the photo bees exposed podcast with your host Andrew Andrew Helmets it's Andrew how Michio from impact images and walk into this episode of the podcast can't bring you Emma's interview in just a minute before we get into the interview what I normally do is share a little bit about me and my week what's been happening but today it's something different because I had a a facebook private message from a friend of Mine sydney-based photography any pain and she brought up something that I wasn't really aware I jumped on a recall with her asked if I could record I'm GonNa Bring that interview walk phone conversation to you in just a second I'm really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on what any has to share and what she has a bean her about so let's get into that following the chat with Anne we'll take a quick look back at last week's episode we'll get into the interview review with Emma O'Brien and I've got some news regarding some fantastic specials for premium members fulling that interview with as well of course it's black Friday coming up at the end of the month so that's when all the specials happen I'm going.

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