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Yes. Just. Well, we're going. We don't need those. He thought. Welcome to lights camera barstool episode one hundred. Whoa. So technically we had our hundred episode bike couple of weeks ago 'cause we did those plus as many episodes. But anyway, this is really the official canon episode. One hundred crazy crazy stuff, thanks for sticking with us on this ride. But you know, we're not we're not going to repeat anything. So let's just one hundred it's cool. It's just move on. Jeff low, Ken, Jack, tro, bones and Coley Coley mic on Twitter. In total media platform. Yeah. Okay. That's always good right across the board. It's going on. What's happening? It's cold is a cold in Hoboken like it is in the New York. It's freezing. My hands are up. I'm applying baby lotion on my hands right now. That's what's going on chapped up. That's good. Yeah. Chapped up. What's the word for it? What do you call? What do you call hands? That are cold handouts dried out dry, you'll calm chapped hands. Saying it it makes it does make some make sense never heard anyone say that before that. Now never heard anyone say chapped hands is only two lips. Real Hoboken thing, very elitist. Do you ever when your hands get really dry? Do you ever feel bad about like preparing someone sandwich or something? No. But another thing that makes complete sense. It's like it's like one of those things it'd be too weird to tell somebody can't make him a sandwich because your hands are to dry just do it anywhere. Anyway, whatever I'm here. I'm here. What housekeeping anything we wanted to your Mayfield line today? If you like Baker Mayfield hundred percent of the net. Proceeds go to the Special Olympics everyone on here with the exception actually true has his own serious station. Power eighty six trouble radio. So ever knows that. All three other people here on new shows..

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