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We mentioned on the podcast before because Jason thought, because you just had a baby that should be Brandon Lewis, the party chairman for the Tory. So neither would vote in these crunch votes. Brandon is did. There was quite love outrage. Taking the on Twitter and Jillian Smith, the chief whip and Brandon. News for quick to say, sorry to this wasn't honest mistake the times today claiming that it wasn't so nice. Actually, she ends Memphis trying to encourage other MP's on pairing arrangements to do similar thing because they were so worried about this vote. You've had Andrea leads him today, is that she was one of the MP's ONA Perry arrangement, and she received no such instructions, but I think we'd just go to see weather story goes because the times of the grants to think this is the case. Hence, when they ran with it, I think is very bad optics for the government. And lib Dem's went to make as much political capital out this possible. So they're trying to get an edge question on it and trying to get and Smith to give a statement in the highest. It's just quite wrath or chief whip today. I've personally suspect that Janine Smith is safe for this reason which is what you would need to force him out essentially would be for one of these MP's in a pairing arrangement to come forward and say, the chief whip told me to break the Pat on. I mean, anyone who's going to do that because it would be such a brutal act to your own colleague. And Secondly, if you took down the chief whip in such a fashion, you would find that the whips office would dedicate the rest of our life to making your life difficult. So when you base it, he asked for slip to head off to your daughter's wedding or whatever you resolve is crucial government legislation. You can't leave the building. So I think you know if he's not particularly high minded honorable reasons. But for this reason, I think I find it very hone to believe an MP will be prepared to come forward and publicly stay on the record. I was told to break a pairing arrangement show, and Theresa May is not the only one bringing out her diplomatic, a game today, new brakes, it's extra Dominic. Robb will be meeting Michelle Baena. In Brussels, James, what can we expect from that meeting those women's dome it wrong, trying to say on going to be more involved in these negotiations, van David Davis was one of Davis's, great complaints. Was he being Kakata of a loop on this? I think we wait to see where we get. There's no joint press conference Barney, but we wait to see what we get any hint from that. All what Bonier thinks of jackets plan. The word is that the commission on hugely skeptical but are trying to say, made that to opiates katie's love stay in the punt call Asia and also because they wanna find the trees may is forward. They they still regard her as the best person for them to negotiate with and they want more, but it's going to built in the UK which ruling on checkers would do. I wasn't as interesting because we will see a very different dynamic. I think between dome rob Amodio, Bonnie David, a very proud of the idea that he was kind of charming Boston the he could get on with these guys, all very smooth. I don't. Rob will seek a different kind of relationship with Michelle von perhaps more confrontational, perhaps more direct. Yeah, and we are going to get MS charbonnet conference on Friday, but it'd be answering questions from Jan this. So I think depending on how that goes, might James says, has skeptical that should revved up the engines from some exciting Sunday front pages of angry, Brexit, Erin, MP's, love it, and James labor, having troubles, too. That's an extraordinary from page from the Jewish chronicle this morning. What does it say? It takes on the Margaret Hodge comments about Jeremy Kuban legend. Here's a kind of anti Seema in a racist because of this refusals looking broadly accepted definition of antisemitism in the labour party's rules. I think this is quite extrordinary because the Jewish clinical doesn't normally do from pages like this, and it is a fact that this is happening..

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