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Services like forget it. Not, even the same conversation. It's why they won't allow xbox of do gain pass on lesson in streaming unless they go through the hoops of. Having every game speed submitted by so they can get their cut because you know it's a place where they are not. They are not strong Yeah. It's it's I duNno. If Apple Arcade was a success to begin with, you know I mean they had there was press a couple of months ago about how they were completely revamping their approach to games. They want games that were stickier and like one of the one of the Games that they use as an example was one of these like match three games that you know it wasn't. It wasn't a Bethesda game. It's. Different I like. I love that apple enabled compatibility with xbox and playstation game pads. That's great. But they'll never be a game platform like in the in the same sense because that's not there. That's not what they do best. But but now they're fighting dare subscription company. That's what the apple one bundle with multiple pricing points within apple one. There's multiple apple ones. That's who they are now as a company. So guess what xbox playstation are their subscription companies now too. So like I would say they're more of a competitor now to those places than they were a year or two ago, and to go back to early point in the social dilemma of what these companies they're trying to get your screen time. Same. Game Consoles. They might not be for advertisers. WHAT THEY WANNA. Do is when you have TV in your house and growing couch because that is something that people do in their living rooms on their couch dinner in, they want you to spend the time playing a game versus watching Netflix where forces browsing the web and that doesn't work when you're traveling in the of your phone. So what the Apple Arcadia competing against is for the time that people are. Using their phones and those games while they can be that's why the match three games work because they work on that same dopamine trigger that the the the the slot machines work on which is with the same triggers that the social media networks work on and that's what people are going to gravitate toward on those devices. It's it's all distribution. No good news this week. Hey one piece of good news John Karmic tweeted in response to Microsoft buying cinemax said. To quotes greats I think Microsoft has been a good parent company for Gaming Peas and they don't hold a grudge against me. So maybe I will be able to reengage with some white old titles commander. Keen VR. I? Think we're all thinking maybe a different one but. You, know we're we're watching the facebook connect keynote. I tweeted at you like when Zuckerberg did his his his playing Echo VR with Baas I was like this is the this is the Bill Gates playing doom and windows ninety five moment for suck and you know just days later Microsoft bought do. So. Full Circle. Is there a video Bill Gates playing doom? US remember that. No, they promoted I. tweeted it. Can. School Bill Gates Doom. But when he was doing, maybe it was a CS keynote but definitely a video recorded of him promoting windows ninety five one of the big things whether it Wednesday five was all the graphics and so they did this whole thing where he's like games like doom and they did like a mix reality thing where he's a cold the doom gun, he's blasting away at the it was like the big selling point of Windows Ninety Five, all your games were compatible to. Yeah, that's what it made. Me Think of with the Suckling Echo Vr, and of course now said Microsoft and but doing B. R. to come full circle it was what Johncock was. So excited to show off on that duct tape together oculus rift a decay one way back at was it quake connor eat three, twenty, three, twenty, twelve, and do I don't think that was a decay one that was zero. It was like, that was the first VR Demo like. A from of yes. From tarmac or Parlor lucky that was early and you're right I'd love to see that come all the way full circle. Yeah. Well, WE'RE GONNA get to three hopefully on side quests at some point soon ish so It happened whether carmax involved or not but the extra cool John Carman was involved. All right. WE'RE GONNA DO REVERSE OR FOR PODCASTS to the rest of the show this week. So we wanted to catch up on all the stuff that happened after we've podcast last week for facebook connect so let's get to the are minute. The..

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