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Who is on a hot she's the founder of something called shaman gela queuing it's based in sedona arizona like i mentioned her website is shaman gela queuing dot com is in like a shaman angel shaman djelic queuing dot com she does spirituality and energy healing selfempowerment emotional release a couple and family work visualization techniques breath work a lot of things we're going to talk about today and she's an incredibly nice person described as someone who blends the compassion and tenderness of an angel and the wisdom and strength of a shaman so you have shaman djelic see what she did there so on hotta welcome to the show thank you then what a beautiful introduction and it's good to connect with you again we certainly did have like a deep dive into seoul awakening in and it was such a pleasure to introduce you to just kind of go outside of the box to kind of explore your emotion and energy and soul awakening and emotional clearing and so powerful having you you here because you were so willing to to feel it to address you know where things are going great in your life and whether or not what could be improved and where there's opportunities to shine to be more balanced and it was just an epic journey and i love i love working with somebody like you who's who's open and willing to do the work and to explore into experience so i'm so grateful for our time together and and that you were open minded enough to try some wacky far out sedona experience which is not a mainstream offering you know dog food guy.

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