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Different j. j. could you if you don't mind. Could you make a video. And put it in the shaw harvey morning show group page Take-up video these two bikes and start one up and like i was just saying earlier like you guys. Don't ride in the rain. I don't th- i wanna see riding rain. Barbie said it's too dangerous for you guys running. This is what it is. We don't ride out in the rain but if we caught in the rain we do And you know there's just safety not a ride in the rain as far as lean and stuff like that so it's a little more hazardous but we still do it aac. Can i borrow your voice. But he got a real man but is a voice. Turn you on right now. got. I love his last. I can bring it up a little bit. Thanks for picking up the phone and we appreciate former chat. Remember week to let your answer thank you. May we appreciate you amid. Thanks for the call. Thank you for having me on happy new year everybody and be safe out. Be black lives matter all of this junk going on in washington man. That was black lives matter we would have been shot dead and all kinds of man calls. That's right a go go go wiped down. I'm gonna. I'm gonna. I'm gonna take care that man for you and show you what i do. Here in a soundbite. Life gordon one for five radio in a building good morning. Hey joe louis allen joining us here. Hey hey juliet just and hey. Julius good morning to you. Tanya lee is here good morning tanya deora hager all the bill. Dan jackson is here. Though is in the building gumar in haiti practice tax. Hey maybe wanna mr robinson yes savo. Sean show sean. Yes wakeup chain. Is john cochran. Who was happy new year. Saw first of all. I wanna apologize sending you and now we gotta do a barbie. Did it already do a video cut for him for his station. Okay.

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