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Eavesdropping Oh and a hoarding to American tragedy. Okay says I've told you everything before I've got nothing to hide. And then he starts talking about how he can't understand why. They're not looking for other people. Obviously, these murders had to be committed by two people Yup Colombian drug traffickers favorites involved. We all know more convincing. The story it was the Colombian drug traffickers that are after famous nick and anyway so Bob Shapiro I mean well. How okay let's let's imagine you have. Bob, Shapiro's in this moment first of all congratulations and I'm sorry. What do you do if you like you? Go inform your client and you're like. The police needed to turn yourself in in a couple of hours. They're gonNA charge you with double murder. If you have anything to say to me before you go to jail where you probably will be held without bail. His. Please tell me now and if your client immediately is like I. Don't know why this is happening. Why are they looking for two people? I've already told you everything like what what do you do? I mean I struggled to put myself in the shoes of Baja. Just because so many. You wouldn't have taken this guy. Why would I be doing any? First of all, I would be trimming my eyebrows secondly. I would not be representing somebody like OJ. Simpson be massaging whenever they put into catcher's Mitts to make them supple. Face. I mean I don't know I. Mean isn't the whole thing with lawyering. That like you have to believe your client. Even if it's a little far fetched well, yeah, I mean Bob Hero is not mandated to use it. Offense dictated by what his client says, and initially he's going to be like okay. What if we go for diminished capacity? That can work right like no. I need a lawyer who believes in my innocence, and like that is probably the most significant reason why Bob Shapiro gets pushed out and Johnny Cochran emerges as Oj's most important lawyer. Bob Shapiro alienates himself from OJ pretty early in the game by not being faithful enough to OJ's emotional reality is basically you know at this point you know. They spent a few days kind of talking I. Think he can gather that Oj is like very attached his version of events, and that it's like a integral to his identity that he's not bad guy lake that seems pretty clear, and so I think that if I were Bob Shapiro would be like I am not..

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