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GDP numbers monthly figures for last month up 8 tenths of 1% so actually surprising Surprisingly strong growth in January despite the omicron issues in the UK the 3100 at the moment is up by 1% More broadly in Europe we gain 6 tenths of 1% after the ECB meeting so the withdrawal of stimulus is on track despite the impact of the war Italian spreads widened significantly yesterday As for yields this morning Germany yields at 26 basis points Italian B2B one 90 U.S. yield at one 98 U.S. CPI yesterday It is staggering 7.9% Don't forget the next week we have the fed decision the BOJ and the Bank of England with a rates decisions as for the Kochi markets where we've seen surging oil gas wheat and other commodity prices breakthrough actually trading at a $111 now So I'll buy 1.9% but still significantly down for the week That is a good radio business fashion is the sorry not me and it's Hannah George of course with our top stories Hard to replace the wonderful Liam Well Chinese premier liki Chang says he will step down from his post after this year pointing to a coming reshuffle amid questions over the future of president Xi Jinping Lee made the disclosure at his annual news conference in response to a question about his decade as China's number two official The premier leads China's State Council and oversees a range of ministries Russia and Ukraine's latest attempt at diplomacy failed to make any progress In the first high level talks since Vladimir Putin's invasion began top diplomats from both nations met in turkey but made little headway after 90 minutes of negotiations After meeting Ukraine's foreign minister said his Russian counterparts indicated that attacks will continue until Moscow's goals are met And the UK economy bounced back above its pre-pandemic level in January recovering from the slump the month before when the omicron variants knocked activity GDP rose at 0.8% much stronger than the .1 of a percent pace predicted and after falling two tenths of a percent in December all parts of the.

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